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YGP Energy Rates, Tariffs And Reviews

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Are you looking to save money on your business energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint? Then Yorkshire Gas and Power may just be the right provider for you.

Although it’s still a relatively new company, YGP is one of the leading suppliers in the UK for sustainably-sourced energy. The company also offers many other benefits to its customers, and its prices are very competitive.

In this guide, we’ll give you an overview of YGP and take a close look at its rates, tariffs, and customer reviews. You can then decide if YGP is the right choice of supplier for your business.

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Overview Of Yorkshire Gas And Power

Yorkshire Gas and Power is a business-only supplier of gas and renewable electricity. Based in Leeds, they supply business energy customers in England, Wales, and Scotland.

Established in 2009, Yorkshire Gas and Power has experienced fast and steady growth whilst maintaining its high standards. As a business energy supplier, YGP prides itself on its innovative use of new technology. The company’s energy experts consistently invest in staff, systems, and technology to ensure its customers’ needs are met.

As well as fixed gas and electricity contracts, YGP also creates bespoke packages for its customers. This gives businesses the flexibility to tailor their contracts to suit their requirements. Yorkshire Gas and Power offers direct debit discounts and dual fuel contracts to help you reduce your business energy costs.

YGP doesn’t just invest in its own business; it’s also a major investor in renewable energy technologies. A large part of its investment is focused on wind farms in the UK. This is one of the reasons it’s one of the most forward-thinking energy suppliers in the country.

Yorkshire Gas And Power’s Tariffs

Yorkshire Gas and Power has tariffs to suit businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you run a small business or are part of a multi-national corporation, YGP can provide energy to you at very competitive prices.

Fixed price

Yorkshire Gas and Power offers fixed-price energy contracts that last between 12 and 36 months. With a fixed-price contract from Yorkshire Gas and Power, business prices are locked in for the duration of the contract. This provides stability and consistency as your energy bill will only fluctuate due to usage rather than changes in price.

As well as fixed contract rates, YGP gives you the option of common contract end dates. This means that any contracts you have with YGP will lapse at the same time. So, if you have separate business gas and business electricity rates, you can end and renew them at the same time.

Multi-site contracts

Yorkshire Gas and Power can provide an energy supply to multiple business sites at once. To keep this simple for you, YGP supplies energy to all of your sites under one energy contract. You can also choose from a range of billing options designed to give you flexibility.

Flexible and pass-through contracts

Flexible and pass-through contracts are other options offered by Yorkshire Gas and Power. These are only usually a good idea if your business is willing to take a risk on your energy costs. Under these contracts, a portion of your energy bill will be charged at the pass-through rate.

This may save your business money compared to other types of contracts. However, some of the risks are passed onto your business.

Yorkshire Gas and Power billing

As a business energy supplier, YGP focuses on making the billing process straightforward. The invoices you receive are simple and easy to understand.

To eliminate seasonal fluctuations, YGP allows you to spread your costs over 12 months with a monthly payment plan. This makes managing your business’s finances easier.

Out-of-contract rates

Yorkshire Gas and Power’s current out-of-contract rates are charged per supply point and are as follows:


  • All unit rates: 25.99p/kWh
  • Standing charge: £4.99 per day


  • All unit rates: 107p/kWh
  • Standing charge: £1.96 per day

There is a capacity charge which only applies to half-hourly energy metres. The charge is 24.66p/kVa per day.

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Yorkshire Gas and Power uses 100% renewable energy sources for its electricity. On average, most UK energy providers only get 38% of their electricity from renewable energy sources. This makes YGP one of the leading energy suppliers in the UK when it comes to sustainability.

Yorkshire Gas And Power’s Customer Reviews

On Trustpilot, YGP currently has a 3.6 out of 5 rating from 974 reviews. The majority of the positive reviews mention the company’s excellent customer service and the prompt way in which customer complaints are handled.

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Should You Switch To Yorkshire Gas And Power?

Yorkshire Gas and Power is the right supplier for you if you’re looking for contract flexibility, competitive prices, and a commitment to sustainability. By switching your business electricity prices and gas to YGP, your business can move closer to becoming carbon-neutral.

This will help you to avoid heavy green taxes and become a more environmentally friendly business.

How To Compare Yorkshire Gas And Power To Other Providers

Before you choose this supplier, you should compare Yorkshire Gas and Power to other business energy providers. By comparing them to the other biggest suppliers in the UK, you can find the best business energy deal for you.

Many businesses in the UK don’t realise that they’re paying too much for their energy. At Business Energy Comparison, we help you to get a free quote in minutes. You can then switch to a new supplier and start saving money in no time.


YGP is one of the leading business energy providers in the UK in terms of sustainability. Its electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, and the company invests in technology that will help us all move towards a greener future.

YGP also has more flexible contract options than many other suppliers in the UK. This gives your business greater control over the way you pay for your energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do I need to give YGP before I terminate a contract?

Termination notice periods vary widely depending on your business classification. They also differ depending on specific circumstances and time periods. To find out the notice period for your business, you need to check the terms and conditions of your contract.

How do I get in contact with YGP?

You can email them at, or you can call them on 0113 856 0056. If you visit their website, they also have an online form that you can fill in. YGP’s customer service team can be reached 7 days a week to assist you with any concerns.

Can I manage my YGP business energy account online?

YGP makes it easy for you to manage your business energy account online. YGP’s online portal allows you to submit metre readings, check your energy usage, and make payments. You can also download their mobile app so that you can access the portal when you’re on the move.