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Utilita Energy Rates, Tariffs and Reviews

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As energy costs continue to rise, finding an affordable and reliable energy supplier is a top priority for many households. Utilita Energy has a rising customer base and is slowly becoming one of the most sought-after energy suppliers in the UK.

The supplier uses smart meters or prepayment meters to help their customers use less energy and save on tariffs and other fees. This can help to protect vulnerable customers. But with its claims of being the only energy company created to help customers save, most potential users are left wondering if Utilita can deliver on its promises.

This article explores Utilita Energy’s rates and tariffs and aims to provide you with a complete review of the company. We’ve included everything you need to know before you decide to make a switch.

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Utilita Energy Overview

Utilita Energy was founded in 2003. Since its inception, it has focused on helping its customers manage their energy usage and costs. The company is known for providing prepayment energy and gas to its customers and has quickly become one of the fastest-growing energy suppliers in the UK.

Because of its competitive pricing and excellent customer service, Utilita has won several awards. This has made them a trusted supplier for over 800,000 customers.

Utilita claims to be the only energy company created to help its customers use less energy and prides itself on its commitment to sustainability. With a future plan for a national rollout of high street Energy Hubs, its goal is to be a net zero business within the next few years.

It offers a range of energy-saving products and services and currently invests in renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. According to the supplier, its customers also use 11% less energy. This is compared to those using other energy companies in the domestic market.

One of the key features of Utilita is its use of smart meters. They allow customers to monitor their energy usage in real-time and top up their accounts remotely.

The energy company created a mobile application (My Utilita app) that also gives customers access to a range of features. These features include energy usage monitoring and top-ups, as well as customer support.

Utilita provides both gas and business electricity price comparison services to customers around the UK. It offers a range of pricing plans for its services, including prepayment, standard variable, and fixed tariffs.

Utilita Energy Rates and Tariffs

Utilita operates as a Pay As You Go (PAYG) energy supplier. And since starting in 2003, this has been the supplier’s selling point and what sets it apart from other energy companies on the market.

It’s important to note that Utilita’s tariffs exclude standing charges. Standing charges refer to the base cost that most customers pay for having an energy supply.

This means that customers only pay for the energy they’re using and have no additional costs on energy that isn’t being used. In turn, households are able to avoid waste and save on their energy bills. This can make a significant impact on their yearly energy expenditure.

However, it does also mean that the price of each unit of energy is slightly higher compared to the supplier’s competitors. Luckily, the installation of smart meters is completely free. This can help vulnerable customers who are unable to afford costly energy fees.

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Utilita has introduced and implemented a special rate (the ‘Saver Rate’) for its customers. This is part of the supplier’s Smart Energy plan and takes effect after the First Rate.

With Smart Energy, there are two rates that customers will pay. After customers have used 64p, the Saver Rate kicks in, and the energy is cheaper. This is reset every night at midnight.

Customers also won’t pay standing charges for their energy. As we’ve already mentioned, customers don’t pay unless they’re using energy, which is a huge money-saver.

For emergency situations, customers are given a £15 credit. This can be used to top up their smart meters when they are going through financial difficulties. For many households, this service alone has led to a switch in energy providers.

The tariffs associated with Utilita’s plans can vary slightly depending on which one customers choose. As standalone numbers, their tariffs don’t look bad. Still, it may be a good idea to electricity business rates before choosing to use Utilita.

The average tariffs for these plans are around:

Smart energy plans


  • First Rate – 8.034 pence/kWh
  • Saver Rate – 3.421 pence/kWh


  • First Rate – 17.516 pence/kWh
  • Saver Rate – 12.875 pence/kWh

Smart E7 plans


  • First Rate – 43.947 pence/kWh
  • Saver Rate – 15.331 pence/kWh
  • Overnight – 4.385 pence/kWh

Premium energy plans


  • First Rate – 30.936 pence/kWh
  • Saver Rate – 3.421 pence/kWh


  • First Rate – 40.342 pence/kWh
  • Saver Rate – 12.875 pence/kWh

Premium E7 plans


  • First Rate – 44.219 pence/kWh
  • Saver Rate – 15.331 pence/kWh
  • Overnight – 4.385 pence/ kWh

Payment options

Since Utilita is a PAYG service, there are several ways to top up. Customers can pay their account through the My Utilita app, through their online profile or as a guest online.

Customers who need to settle an outstanding cost on their account can also do this by using a BillPay payment card.

When customers want to top up, they can do so with the My Utilita app, by calling or SMSing the top-up phone line, or by going to a PayPoint or Payzone outlet. When these outlets are closed, customers can use the £15 additional support credits to keep their energy on throughout the night.

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Utilita Energy Customer Reviews

Utilita has had an overall positive response from customers and businesses for both of its services. These include both gas and electricity. However, the best way to pick a supplier for your business is to read customer reviews and compare business gas providers.

Many of these users have praised its pricing, customer service, and the use of smart meters. Still, there are some key themes that emerge throughout these reviews, which potential customers may want to take note of.

These themes could be the deciding factor for many users who want to make a switch to a new energy supplier, and include the following:


Most Utilita customers report having made the switch from their previous energy supplier because of its competitive prices. The use of a prepayment meter and tariffs seem to have swayed them to switch. Plus, many of them enjoy the control they have over their energy usage and overall cost.

Customer service

Utilita has a reputation for providing top-notch service to its customers. Many of them report that the customer service representatives are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive to their needs.

According to Trustpilot reviews, Utilita scored a 4.2-star rating. There are over 70,000 ratings for the energy supplier, with over 70% of them giving Utilita 5-star reviews.


Utilita prides itself on being the only energy company to help its customers use less energy. The company is able to achieve this through the use of smart prepayment meters. These meters allow customers to top up and monitor their energy from the comfort of their homes.

As the use of technology for everyday use continues to grow in popularity, there’s no wonder that customers enjoy having a smart meter installed.


One of the few shortfalls of Utilita seems to surround customer billing and accounts. Some customers report having delayed billing or incorrect charges. However, they have also mentioned that it is easy to contact Utilita to resolve these issues and that they were rectified quickly.


Utilita is a rapidly-growing energy supplier in the UK. It offers prepayment and smart meter services to help its customers save energy and, ultimately, money.

With our complete review of this energy supplier, including its rates, tariffs, and customer reviews, you’ll be more informed. This can help you when you make the decision to switch energy suppliers or stick with your current provider.

It’s important to remember that when you’re assessing potential energy suppliers. Business energy comparison can help your business consider the positive and negative factors that are most relevant to you and your circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Utilita Energy owned by British Gas?

Utilita isn’t owned by British Gas. The company is an independent supplier of gas and electricity within the UK, meaning it has complete control over its rates and tariffs.

Is Utilita Energy a good energy company?

Overall, customer reviews of Utilita energy are positive. In fact, many of its established users praise the freedom and control they have over their energy. Utilita is reported to have great customer service. So, any potential issues that customers may have are resolved quickly and with minimal hassle.

How does Utilita Energy work?

Utilita uses smart prepayment meters on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis. This means that customers can top up their energy whenever and wherever they would like, and they won’t pay anything for the energy they aren’t using. Ultimately, this helps them use less energy and save more money in the long run!