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UGP Energy Rates, Tariffs And Reviews

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United Gas & Power (UGP) is a business energy supplier that began trading as Lancashire Gas & Power (LGP) in 2013. Offering electricity and gas contracts to all types and sizes of businesses, this independent supplier is one of the fastest-growing energy companies in the UK.

Yorkshire-based United Gas and Power focus on providing electricity and gas energy to businesses across the entire UK. Through its set of standards known as the UGP Pledge, the company gives its customers an indication of the type of service they can expect to receive. The UGP Pledge includes the following promises:

  • To act according to our company values.
  • To work with you and for you.
  • To truly listen and ask more questions.
  • To be straight talking.
  • To make things easy for you.
  • To be in this for the long term.

United Gas and Power is very customer-driven, with a well-respected customer services team. The energy company has made it known that it will generate new quotations within 15 minutes and that almost 100% of its queries from customers will receive a response within three days.

United Gas & Power have partnered up with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) to promote sustainability. As a recognised proponent of renewable power, UGP is tackling one of the most complex tasks the UK has ahead of it; to become net-zero by 2050.

Its partnership with YDMT includes the “Together for Trees” campaign. A tree gets planted in the Yorkshire Dales every time a new customer signs with United Gas & Power.

This is regarded as an absolutely phenomenal environmental campaign. With an estimated 1.5 billion new trees needed to reach the 2050 net-zero target, UGP’s growth will go some way to assist with this aim.

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United Gas & Power Deemed And Out-of-Contract Rates & Tariffs

United Gas & Power offers a variety of deemed and out-of-contract rates to businesses across the UK. You’ll be charged deemed rates if you move into premises already supplied by UGP without any fixed-term contract with the supplier. Deemed rates are usually more expensive, and you should consider signing a fixed-term contract if you’re being charged them.

Out-of-contract rates will apply when energy contracts between United Gas & Power and its customers have expired, and no new ones have been entered into. When gas or electricity contracts reach expiry, they revert to default rates. These are commonly known as out-of-contract rates.

The following deemed and out-of-contract rates were set by United Gas & Power in January 2023:

United Gas & Power deemed and out-of-contract gas tariffs

  • Standard unit rate (all bands): 23 p/kWh
  • Band 1 (0k to 73.2k kWh annually): 400 p/day standard charge
  • Band 2 (23.2k to 293k kWh annually): 700 p/day standard charge
  • Band 3 (293k to 732k kWh annually): 1,350 p/day standard charge
  • Band 4 (above 732k kWh annually): 1,900 p/day standard charge

United Gas & Power deemed and out-of-contract electricity tariffs

  • Standard unit rate (NHH, LV & HV): 80 p/kWh
  • Portfolio Non-Half Hourly (NHH): 300 p/day standard charge
  • Portfolio Low Voltage (LV): 1,200 p/day standard charge
  • Portfolio High Voltage (HV): site-specific standard charge per day

A standard charge is a fixed daily cost, paid no matter how much gas or electricity is used. It ensures your connection to the energy grid. All business electricity prices and business gas rates quoted exclude Value Added Tax (VAT) and Climate Change Levy (CCL).

Business Energy Contracts

United Gas & Power is considered a business energy sector expert. Through an ethical supply of power United Gas & Power has built a service that puts its customers first and is making great strides into the small and medium business energy markets because of this.

United Gas & Power has displayed an ability to process complex transactions without too many delays. The business energy supplier has shown that account management is another strength. For these reasons, they’re securing a greater market share.

Along with first-rate customer service and easy-to-understand pricing and products, United Gas & Power are here to stay.

Bespoke energy suppliers are making life more difficult for the traditional ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers. In this day and age, signing a business energy contract is not as simple, with the terms, products and contracts themselves requiring a lot more comparison.

For this reason, the business energy suppliers who set themselves apart from the rest in ways that suit their customers keep gaining traction in the industry. If you’re able to offer top-notch customer service and account management to deliver results, you’ll satisfy more business energy customers. As the reviews show, United Gas & Power is doing just that.

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United Gas & Power has an extremely good star rating for its reviews on Trustpilot. At the time of writing, from 595 reviews the energy supplier has a 92% 5-star rating, with only 3% of reviewers giving it one star.

Customer service and account management rate very highly in the positive reviews, with delays in releasing contracts being the only visible negative. Many reviewers recommend United Gas & Power in their reviews. UGP itself has taken the time to respond individually to every review.


United Gas & Power is a direct supplier of energy to businesses and has a growing reputation in assisting UK companies with reducing their business gas rates and business electricity prices.

The supplier also offers renewable energy to help you reduce your carbon footprint. If you sign up, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to help you with the process and advise you on contracts.

United Gas & Power offers a wide spectrum of business solutions, no matter the size of your business, and even caters to those with poor credit ratings. At Business Energy Comparison we provide you with insight into different UK gas and electricity providers. We’ll assist you in making informed decisions regarding energy for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay a Climate Change Levy?

The UK government introduced the Climate Change Levy to assist in reducing the devastating effects of climate change. This energy tax applies to UK businesses that consume over 12,000 kWh of electricity or 52,728 kWh of gas annually.

The reason for the CCL is to motivate greater energy efficiency among businesses. Reducing businesses’ greenhouse gas emissions could cut the total carbon emissions per year by as much as 2.5 million tonnes.

The existing CCL tax rate is 0.465 p/kWh on gas and 0.775 p/kWh on electricity. Energy suppliers collect the levy and pay it straight to the government, so United Gas & Power doesn’t make any profit from the CCL.

What information do I need when I move offices?

Once you decide when you’re moving, contact United Gas & Power customer services department to arrange for a final gas or electricity meter reading.

If you personally take the reading, do so on the move date and supply United Gas with an address where your final energy bill should be sent. If you have the details of the new occupant, be kind enough to supply those as well.

What are the main sources of renewable energy?

The most popular sources of renewable power are solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, and hydro energy. Tidal energy and geothermal energy are also popular renewable energy sources. Ask the United Gas & Power customer support team about the company’s renewable power options compared to your current supplier.