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SSE Energy Rates, Tariffs And Reviews

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SSE Energy Services is a UK-based energy company supplying gas and electricity to households and businesses. The company forms part of the SSE plc group, one of the UK’s largest energy companies. It’s active in the renewable energy, electricity transmission, and distribution energy sectors.

SSE offers both fixed and variable-rate energy tariffs suitable to a vast array of customers. The company commits to providing sustainable and low-carbon energy solutions, having invested heavily in renewable energy projects such as wind farms and hydroelectric power stations.

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Energy Bill Relief Scheme

SSE Overview

SSE has a long and rich history in the UK energy industry. Its origins lie in two electricity supply authorities – North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board and Southern Electricity Board – going back to the 1940s. Both of these authorities were privatised in the 1990s and later merged to form Scottish-Southern Electric in 1998.

In 2010, Scottish and Southern Energy changed the core branding of the company to SSE. In 2019, SSE announced the sale of its retail business to OVO Energy, with the sale concluded early in 2020. SSE is one of the “Big 6” energy suppliers in the UK.

SSE has been a pathfinder in several areas within the UK business energy sector. It was the first energy supplier to cease doorstop selling in Britain. SSE was also the first to simplify energy tariffs and the first to establish a customer charter.

SSE is set on creating simpler energy services and solutions for its customers. In this way, it believes these solutions will become more transparent and provide customers with better value.

Following conversations with its customers through forums, SSE released its original and longstanding customer charter. The customer charter includes the following:

  • To make life easier for customers
  • To find ways to save them money
  • To help them when they need SSE most

SSE Energy Out-of-Contract Variable Business Rates And Tariffs

Out-of-contract variable business rates and tariffs give you a clear reflection of the highest prices you’ll likely pay as a business through SSE. Entering into a fixed-term or variable contract with the energy supplier will reduce these rates.

SSE Business Rates And Tariffs

Through Business Electricity Comparison, you can compare gas prices for business and electricity comparison for business from SSE completely hassle-free.

All electric tariffs

An all-electric tariff through SSE offers you off-peak times for more cost-effective electricity. This may mean, with certain contracts, that your peak-time business electricity prices might be more expensive than the SSE standard rate. In these instances, you need to take advantage of the off-peak times, or you may end up spending more than necessary on your electricity.

SSE energy solutions can provide you with information on the various all-electric tariffs. The company will inform you of the electric heating solutions that work most efficiently with these.

If you find your tariff is not working for your business environment, the SSE customer service team can investigate further options for you. This might mean changing your meter or switching your business to another tariff.

Should you make use of the SSE multi-rate tariff, it’s likely you could access a single-rate electricity tariff without changing your meter or incurring additional costs. You can reach out to the Specialist Electric Heating Team at SSE for information on which tariffs you’re eligible for.

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Fixed-price SSE energy solutions for small and medium-sized businesses all include standard 100% renewable electricity with a renewable gas option. With the company’s fully-fixed energy prices, you’ll be able to budget more accurately. These plans include:

  • Fixed unit prices with all non-commodity costs incorporated.
  • Fixed-term energy contracts that range from six months to four years and are tailored to suit your business needs.
  • Wind and hydro-powered 100% renewable electricity.

These tariffs form part of SSE Protect, which ensures you’ll pay a single price for your gas and electricity for your full contract duration. The rate your business will pay for energy comprises two charges:

  • The wholesale price per unit of energy used. This generally fluctuates due to energy market changes.
  • Non-commodity costs which get determined by third parties. These costs include charges for government renewable energy endeavours, electricity transportation costs, and supply-demand systems.

Suppliers predict upcoming wholesale prices and non-commodity costs, but rates vary in practice. Should this happen, depending on your energy contract, your supplier will pass on these increases to you.

With SSE Protect, your wholesale prices are fixed, and you’re protected from increases in non-commodity costs. For these reasons, your budgeting will be more accurate throughout your contract term.

Which non-commodity costs are fixed?

With SSE Protect you’ll receive a set price for the following non-commodity costs throughout your entire contract term:


  • Assistance for Areas with Higher Electricity Distribution Costs (AAHEDC)
  • Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charges
  • Capacity Mechanism (CM) costs
  • Contracts for Difference (CfD) costs
  • Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges
  • Existing metering configuration charges
  • Feed-in Tariffs (FiT)
  • Renewables Obligation (RO) charges
  • Transmission Networks & Distribution Use of System (TNUoS) charges


  • Existing metering configuration charges
  • Transportation charges
  • Unidentified gas costs
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SSE And The Energy Bill Relief Scheme

The Energy Bill Relief Scheme came into effect on October 1st, 2022, and will continue until March 31st, 2023. At this point, it will be replaced by the Energy Bills Discount Scheme. This limits the wholesale prices that SSE and all other providers have to pay for energy. These savings are then passed on to your business.

While the Energy Bill Relief Scheme assists many people in several ways, it’s not always enough. For this reason, the OVO Customer Support Package was launched in order to assist customers with pressing needs related to their energy services.

SSE Renewable Energy

SSE supplies 100% renewable electricity to customers. This is made possible through SSE Renewables. It has wind and hydro generation portfolios that generate approximately 4GW of green energy. There is a further 13GW of renewable energy in development with a secured future project pipeline of even more than 13GW.

Through SSE Renewables, the company is committed to producing sustainable green energy for generations. The 13GW that is in development consists of 8.4GW of offshore wind, 3.5GW of onshore wind, and a further 1.5GW of pumped storage. This makes the SSE Renewables initiative the largest offshore development pipeline in the British Isles.

SSE Energy Reviews

SSE Energy Services has an overall 4-star rating on Trustpilot, with almost 54,000 ratings and reviews received. Of these, 59% are 5-star reviews, and 16% are 1-star reviews.

The majority of both good and poor reviews concern the customer service that SSE clientele receive. There are also, however, poor reviews pertaining to SSE’s problem-solving regarding billing queries.


SSE Energy Services is a long-standing and experienced supplier of energy for businesses within the UK. Its proactivity within the sustainable energy sector makes it a worthy business to deal with.

At Business Energy Comparison, we do our best to provide you with viable alternatives for your business energy needs. Looking for gas, electricity or sustainable energy solutions? We can steer you in a direction best suited to your power requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my smart meter to SSE?

Move your In-Home Display to your meter’s location. When you’re nearby, hold the OK button down until the display turns off and restarts. You should then see a message telling you your smart meter is paired.

Can I contact SSE's business customer service via e-mail?

No, you cannot email SSE. The company sold its energy retail business to OVO in 2020. Business customers need to contact the OVO Energy customer service department for gas or electricity enquiries at 0345 070 7373.