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Smartest Energy Rates, Tariffs & Reviews

Business Energy Comparison

While Smartest Energy may not be one of the UK’s biggest brands. But when it comes to electricity, they are fast gaining in popularity. This is especially true with businesses – of all sizes – who want to lower their emissions and pave the way for a greener future.

Read on to learn more about Smartest Energy and why it could be the perfect energy supplier for your organisation.

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Smartest Energy Overview

Smartest Energy was first established back in 2001. With an ethos bedded in a commitment to 100% renewable energy systems, the company’s goal is to promote a greener way of operating.

Smartest Energy purchases its power and energy supply from independent, usually small, producers. These include farmers that might only have a single wind turbine. It then sells this energy to its business clientele.

Since it was first introduced on the market 22 years ago, Smartest Energy is fast growing with an impressive annual turnover of over £1 billion. Although not quite there yet, the company is on target to be a serious tour-de-force against the ‘Big Six’ British energy firms. These include British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, SSE, Npower and Scottish Power.

They currently have offices in London, Ipswich, Worthing and Manchester.

The benefits of going green

If you choose Smartest Energy to supply business energy to your organisation, you’ll be in good company. Its list of famous clients includes John Lewis and Toyota Manufacturing UK.

The reason behind these big players choosing a company like Smartest Energy surrounds the benefits of going green.

Any business that produces services or products for the public should understand the importance of having a renewable energy solution. Consumers are now increasingly expecting companies, irrespective of size, to commit to a greener way of operating.

As homes across the country are actively encouraged to do their bit to protect the environment, the public expects businesses not to be complacent and continue to use brown energy.

The benefits of lowering your business services’ energy reliance on coal, oil, and nuclear power stations will also reflect in your bills. Smartest Energy hasn’t acquired any fixed assets.

This has allowed the company to be much more flexible and focused on its client’s needs and requirements.

Business Energy comparison

Smartest Energy is similar to many energy suppliers in that it currently doesn’t offer an estimate to give you an indication of what its charges may look like.

However, the company doe offer its prospective business customers a bespoke quote. There’s a variety of details they will ask for to provide you with a summary that’s as accurate as possible.

Some of the considerations include the following:

  • The size of your business
  • Your business location
  • How much energy your business consumes annually

The company also supply customers with a breakdown of what its products look like and include. There are four main products to consider:

  • FlexiBase
  • Group FlexiBase
  • FlexiBase Dual Meter
  • EnviroPass


As the name suggests, FlexiBase is a flexible option, giving you access to the open market. This means you are in control when it comes to getting the very best market prices for your energy.

Group FlexiBase

If you have a business that’s multi-site, you can use the Group FlexiBase option. This option allows you to group all of your bases into one single contract.

FlexiBase Dual Meter

This option allows you to effectively group all of your half-hourly and non-half-hourly metered locations into one easy-to-manage contract.


This option encompasses all levies and government taxes, so you can be confident you won’t pay more than you need to on your bills.

Renewable Options

All the renewable options open to businesses are backed by certificates, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the electricity you receive is only renewable.

There are three standard options open to you to achieve your business eco-goals:

  • Renewable Standard: This energy comes from sources such as hydro, biomass and wind
  • Natural Renewable: Companies that choose this option will see their energy supply sourced from water, wind or solar.
  • Specific Renewable: An energy supply that is created from a specific source

As part of signing up for the renewable service, businesses will be granted an energy label each year. This will help you to view your fuel mix as well as your carbon emissions.

Depending on the size of your business, you may be subject to government requirements regarding the transparency of your total emissions. Having an energy label taken care of for you can allow you to stay within your legal responsibilities.

Business Energy comparison

Final Thoughts

As the UK’s leading purchaser and supplier of energy generated by the independent sector, Smartest Energy is ideal for business customers focused on lowering their emissions and moving towards a future with renewable energy at the fore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should choose Smartest Energy?

Smartest Energy is an ideal choice for businesses that care about the environment and want to look towards a future using renewable energy resources. When you use the company as your energy provider, you’ll be directly supporting independent generators and not the usual ‘Big 6’ suppliers.

Choosing Smartest Energy is also a great option for those businesses that wish to choose between a wide range of options in terms of tariffs and other energy products.

Does Smartest Energy have any specialisms?

Smartest Energy is known for promoting the use of smart meters for both small and large businesses.

How could my business benefit from choosing Smartest Energy?

There’s a range of reasons why this energy supplier could be perfect for your business. They have a handy budget planning tool, which is especially beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses.

There’s also a Web Analyser service which makes it quick and easy to see what areas of your business are consuming the most energy. This helps to make it easy to spot where you could save money.

Does Smartest Energy have good customer service support?

Smartest Energy has a dedicated team of customer service agents who can help business customers with any queries. They can be contacted either by telephone or email.

Why don't more businesses switch suppliers?

The reason is simply that consumers, including businesses, largely stick to what they’ve been used to. However, with the ever-increasing hike in energy bills, more and more businesses are rightly choosing to switch their energy contracts to companies that can serve their needs more cheaply.

Not only is saving money an option, but you could find a supplier, like Smartest Energy, who could even help your business to improve its carbon footprint and actively help the environment.