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Shell Energy Rates, Tariffs, And Reviews

Business Energy Comparison

Shell Energy was born after the acquisition of First Utility, a well-known independent UK energy supplier, by the Shell group in 2018. Shell Energy falls under the New Energies division of Shell.

Shell has over 15 years of experience supplying electricity and natural gas through Just Energy. Shell offers its customers stability and security, with the company committed to working towards a sustainable future with renewable energy guarantees.

Shell Energy’s framework for growth promotes an ethical approach within the energy industry. The intention is to give back to all the customers supporting it.

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Shell Energy’s Business Offerings

Shell Energy for small businesses

Shell Energy offers gas and 100% renewable electricity to small business concerns that utilise under 250 MWh per annum. It offers several types of fixed-length gas contracts of between three months and three years. Electricity contracts of between one and three years are also available.

The company prides itself on first-rate service for its customers. It provides small businesses with a dedicated portfolio manager to handle their individual accounts.

Shell Energy for large businesses

For businesses using over 250 MWh per year, Shell Energy offers full fixed-term contracts. So, you’ll have full knowledge of your complete energy costs on when you sign the contract. In this way, there are no hidden costs, and you can operate your business with greater peace of mind.

Alternatively, there are more flexible options available including semi-fixed and energy-only solutions. With the latter, you get complete management of your bills to make the most of price variations in non-commodity expenditure.

Shell Energy renewable energy

The company also offers restructured green energy contracts. With these, you can now choose between 100% renewable electricity options accredited by the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO). REGO certificates are provided by Ofgen as proof of renewable energy status for power supply.

This means energy customers can trade their energy back to the source, proving its sustainability. You can select between hydropower generation, wind power, solar power or all three combined. In this way, business customers know where their natural gas and 100% renewable electricity comes from and that their sources are ethical.

Shell Energy Deemed And Extended Supply Rates

If you move into a new property with Shell Energy as your existing energy supplier and start using power without first signing a fixed-term contract, you’ll be charged deemed rates.

This is why it’s best to contact Shell Energy prior to your move. If you don’t, the company will likely contact you at a later date to discuss other pricing or alternative plans that may suit your business.

Your fixed-term contract with the company may expire without you renewing the contract or sending a notice of termination. If either happens, you will be charged extended supply rates until this is done.

Deemed rates and extended supply rates are charged for Extra High Voltage (EHV) meters. The following Shell Energy deemed and extended supply rates for gas and electricity kicked in as of 1 February 2023:


  • NHH single rate: Standing charge of 495 p/day with 74.685 p/kWh (unit rate 1)
  • NHH 2 rate: Standing charge of 495 p/day with 84.844 p/kWh (unit rate 1) and 50.843 p/kWh (unit rate 2)
  • HH LV rate: Standing charge of 876 p/day and an availability charge of 5.45 p/kVA/day with 83.802 p/kWh (unit rate 1) and 52.152 p/kWh (unit rate 2)
  • HH HV rate: Standing charge of 4,741 p/day and an availability charge of 11.66 p/kVA/day with 79.847 p/kWh (unit rate 1) and 51.061 p/kWh (unit rate 2)

All residential and business electricity rates that aren’t standard are charged to customers at the NHH single rate. Electricity rates quoted exclude Value Added Tax (VAT) and Climate Change Levies (CCL).


  • AQ/EUC band 1: AQ between 1 and 73,200 with a standing charge of 824 p/day and a unit rate of 20.870 p/kWh
  • AQ/EUC band 2 & 3: AQ between 73,201 and 732,000 with a standing charge of 1,686 p/day and a unit charge of 21.136 p/kWh
  • AQ/EUC band 4+: AQ over 732,000 with a standing charge of 2,452 p/day and a unit charge of 21.076 p/kWh

All residential and business gas rates quoted exclude Value Added Tax (VAT) and Climate Change Levies (CCL). Customers should regard Shell Energy’s extended supply and deemed rates as variable and subject to change at any time.

Your business won’t be asked for any security deposit if it’s placed on either of the rates. Should you move from the Shell Energy deemed or extended supply rates to another plan, there will be no termination fee due.

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Shell Energy only currently offers a single tariff due to the UK government’s Energy Price Guarantee. The plan restricts the influence of wholesale energy costs on consumer power bills.

For this reason, Shell Energy has decided against a fixed tariff. Why? Because it doesn’t offer the same value to customers as its standard variable flexible tariff does. The energy company plans to reincorporate fixed tariffs as soon as it makes sense to do so.

Shell Energy encourages customers wanting to make use of these flexible tariffs to get quoted via its website or contact its team on 0330 094 5800.

More About Shell Energy

Shell Energy supplies 100% renewable electricity as standard. The company specialises in the following areas:

  • Biofuels and hydrogen fuel for transport, among other fuel types.
  • Renewable electricity generation and supply, specifically business and domestic energy.

Shell aims to become a top provider of renewable electricity, supplying its 100% renewable electricity as Shell Energy, along with gas, smart home technology and broadband internet. Shell Energy supplies gas and 100% renewable electricity to around 1.4 million residences in the UK.

Aligned with the Shell group, Shell Energy is already an established and trustworthy brand.

Through its Smart Home Technology shop, Shell Energy supplies smart plugs, smart thermostats, smart light bulbs and other smart home technology to assist with reducing energy consumption. The company also provides fast broadband and fibre solutions.

If you have your own solar panels, Shell Energy has designed a way to make extra income from any energy you don’t use. With the Shell Energy Smart Export Guarantee, the company will buy your excess renewable energy. It’ll be added to the grid, hence preventing extra energy waste.

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Shell Energy Reviews

On Trustpilot, Shell Energy has accumulated a 4.5/5 star rating over 46 reviews from its business customers. It also has a 4.2/5 star rating over almost 66,000 reviews from its home customers.

While 74% of its business customers give Shell Energy 5-star ratings, only 54% of residential customers do likewise. 15% of home customers can only find a single star for Shell Energy, with this 1-star percentage dropping to 11% among business customers.

Customer reviews have generally been favourable regarding Shell Energy’s customer service. The feedback received from customers involving billing queries and pricing has been less complimentary, though. Reviews show Shell Energy has made positive inroads due to its renewable energy guarantees.

Final Thoughts

Shell Energy is helping the UK energy market move towards a greener future with its renewable energy guarantees.

Energy is a topical subject on the lips of so many Brits. As such, it helps to be as informed as possible regarding your energy supplier. In this way, you’ll keep your energy bills at their most manageable levels possible and can make sure you’re using sustainable sources of gas and electricity.

For information and comparative insights on all of the energy suppliers within our borders, check out Business Energy Comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal projection?

A Shell Energy personal projection is the estimate provided to customers of what they can expect to pay on their chosen tariff. The projection is only an estimate, with actual incurred costs dependent on energy usage.

What is the Shell Energy standard variable tariff called?

With the Shell Energy variable tariff, which is called the Fully Flexible option, you won’t be signed up for a fixed-term contract. You’re able to leave at any stage without outlaying money on an exit fee. Your rates could also change at any time, though, depending on fluctuations in the energy market.