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Scottish Power Energy Deals

Business Energy Comparison

With energy costs in the UK soaring, an increasing number of people have been looking for ways to save on their energy bills. The number of providers available can make switching quite a weighty decision. Scottish Power has had its hat in the ring for some time now. So here’s an overview of the provider as well as the deals they can offer you.

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Scottish Power Overview

Scottish Power (SP) is a vertically integrated energy company. They claim to be the first integrated energy company in the United Kingdom and offer a range of fixed-term gas and electricity contracts. It also has flexible contracts for customers who use 10 gigawatt hours of electricity.

Customers describe Scottish Power’s pricing as transparent. Thus giving you more control over your buying strategy. They also offer customers the choice of a standard variable contract, meaning it will have no fixed length or exit fees.

If you’re a business owner, then you may be pleased to hear that SP provide general advice on how your business can save energy. This initiative is in partnership with the Carbon Trust. Their goal is to make commercial energy choices clear. They also seek to simplify energy management and help properties become as energy efficient as possible.

They recently successfully trialled a new turbine blade access platform. They also have plans to build the UK’s largest onshore windfarm, much like Whitelee windfarm. There are talks of a new offshore windfarm being developed. Scottish Power is headquartered in central Glasgow. They mainly supply energy to central and southern Scotland, Merseyside, and North Wales.


Here are the products that SP currently offers. Do bear in mind that pricing and availability can be subject to change. So, be sure to check their website:

Commercial business

  • Electricity Standard Variable – When you become responsible for a property but don’t have a contract with SP. Prices change at any time with this option and there is no fixed contract length. Bear in mind that the supply terms of this arrangement will vary according to the size of a business.
  • Electricity Standard Deemed – Standard Deemed is the default product when you become responsible for a property but don’t arrange a contract with Scottish Power.With this arrangement, prices can vary at any time, and there’s no fixed contract length. Since prices vary according to the area, you’ll have to use the product page to find the applicable rate for your area.
  • Electricity Flexible – It’s for customers who use 10-gigawatt hours of electricity or more. It gives them the ability to purchase energy before the delivery period. Other features include account management and being able to compare your purchases against the market.SP is further divided into a range of flexible contracts called ScottishPower Shape, ScottishPower Residual, and ScottishPower Cash Out.
  • EV charging – Because many companies and their employees are switching to electric vehicles, SP offers flexible charging solutions according to your site’s needs. Their chargers range from seven to 15o kilowatts and are installed in line with comprehensive health and safety standards.With this option, they also offer UK-wide survey, design, and installation.

Home Services

  • Boiler Care – Scottish Power can supply all-year-round boiler care, starting from £3.50 per month. It’s a service to ensure that your boiler stays functioning through the year. Some packages even include issuing a replacement boiler worth up to £750.
  • Appliance Care – The appliance care option is available from £5.50 per month. The cost, maintenance, and support provided will vary according to the product you want to be covered. This option is available for a wide spectrum of appliances.
  • Plumbing, drains, and electrics – This option is designed to mitigate the stress associated with coming home and finding out that your plumbing and electrics aren’t working as they should. The price starts from £3.25 per month.
Business Energy comparison

Despite endeavouring to make the lives of their customers easier, Scottish Power has evidently done the complete opposite. This is primarily according to TrustPilot reviews. On the review website, SP has a rating of 1.1 stars out of 5, from 11, 500 reviews.

Positive reviews largely cite the provision of comprehensive customer service. It’s also worth mentioning that in 2015, SP was temporarily banned from taking on new customers due to concerns over poor customer service. So, this is a stark contrast to the positive reviews. Ofgem even had a press release in which they warned Utilita and Scottish Power about properly protecting customers.

Negative reviews largely mention substandard customer service, a lack of accountability, and the support consultants frequently being unavailable. While this doesn’t paint SP in the best light, it may be worth looking at the reviews or latest tweets and forming your own opinion.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an energy provider is by no means an easy task. Whether you’re a business or homeowner, there is a lot to consider. Ultimately, your decision will likely come down to who is the cheapest. But, you should also consider things such as whether a supplier has the appropriate licencing, good customer service, and sufficient customer reviews.

If you’ve had a look at the product offerings and you’re still unsure of whether SP is right for you, then you can always get in touch with them directly. Do so quickly as it’s unclear as to how long they’ll be supplying commercial and industrial energy in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scottish Power leaving the UK?

In early 2022, it was announced that ScP would be pulling out of the UK’s commercial and industrial energy market. A spokesperson for the company stated that the energy market is facing “unprecedented challenges,” a possible indicator of the reasoning behind their decision.

Why is my energy bill higher than usual?

If your energy bill is higher than usual, then it could be because of a change in weather or energy tariffs going up. In the case of SP, it’s possible that your previous bills were calculated using estimated meter readings that were too low. This then could mean that your current bill was calculated using actual meter readings.

Is Scottish Power owned by the UK government?

SP has been fully owned by the Iberdrola Group since 2006. The Iberdrola Group is a Spanish multinational energy company that also happens to be one of the largest utility companies in the world.

What is an offshore windfarm?

An offshore windfarm is a station that generates electricity through windfarms in bodies of water. Regardless of whether they’re on or offshore, windfarms vary in terms of the number of turbines they have. Numbers usually range from a few to several hundred turbines.

Is ScottishPower Renewables the same as Scottish Power?

Scottish Power and ScottishPower Renewables are essentially the same company. SP simply operates in the UK through SP Energy Networks Holdings Ltd, ScottishPower Renewable Energy Ltd, and SP Generation Holdings Ltd.

You may also see some sources referring to the company as SP Energy Networks. Scottish Power is the parent company of SP Energy Networks. The same goes for ScottishPower Renewables.