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Opus Energy Business Electricity & Gas

Business Energy Comparison

Nowadays, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a business electricity supplier. The problem with that is that it can make settling on one somewhat difficult. Here’s a brief look at Opus Energy as a whole, as well as the range of business energy solutions they offer.

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Opus Company Overview

Opus Energy is a business energy supplier that’s based in Northampton. They operate the Cruachan Power Station in Scotland and are one of four hydro-power stations in the UK. At present, Opus is solely fixated on supplying energy to the business sector and there is no mention of a plan to start supplying homes.

Opus Energy also has other businesses in its portfolio. Their portfolio includes a biomass production fuel plant and four combined gas cycle turbines. They also partner with 2300 UK-based independent renewable energy suppliers. The purpose of this partnership is to provide hydro, wind, and solar power

Having won its fair share of awards, Opus Energy is often the first choice for companies that are looking to switch suppliers and use green business energy. This is because they’re known to go to great lengths to ensure their electricity only comes from renewable resources.

To further add to the appeal of Opus Energy, they can provide a zero-standing charge product for both gas and electricity. This basically means that you won’t have to pay any standing charges for an annual contract. Opus Energy also has an online hub called “Brighter Business”. The hub gives customers comprehensive materials on various business energy-related topics.

Opus Business Electricity & Gas Tariffs and Products

Opus Energy Tariffs

Opus offers four main business energy tariffs:

  • Deemed contract rates – If you move into a new property and Opus Energy is the provider for that premises, then you’ll be put on a deemed contract rate. This is typically a more expensive way to pay for business electricity.However, since deemed contracts have no end date set, you can freely switch suppliers or negotiate should the Opus Energy prices not suit you.
  • Tariffs for large businesses – Luckily for large companies, they can access Opus Energy’s fixed-rate gas prices. Unlike small businesses, they also have the choice of fixed or flexible electricity prices. This could serve as a good way to keep your electricity bills down.
  • Variable or out-of-contract ratesIf you don’t get a new contract with Opus Energy when your original one expires but you stay with Opus, you’ll be moved to a monthly plan. This arrangement is likely to cost more than your previous contract.
  • Fixed-term rates – Opus Energy offers fixed-term rates for one to four years. This offer is for small businesses and for both gas and electricity.

It’s also worth noting that Opus Energy includes smart meter installation in your contract costs. But if you already have a smart meter installed, they can also work with it.

Opus Energy Products

  • Opus Advance – When you compare Opus Energy with other suppliers, their Advance package is quite competitively priced. Advance is their standard energy service and its offered to businesses of all sizes and in many different industries.As expected, all the power comes from renewable generators from all over Europe. EcoAct has given this option its sustainability credentials. This basically means that you can be assured that your energy is green.As a part of this package, Opus can also give businesses a digital certificate and assets. You can use these assets on your business’s website and social media pages to improve its sustainability profile.
  • Opus Advance Plus – With Advance Plus, companies that consume large amounts of electricity can reduce the burden of high electricity prices by taking advantage of wind, hydro, and solar power. Like Advance, Advance Plus has also received its full sustainability credentials from EcoAct.A bonus with Advance Plus is that businesses can get free access to assets that can highlight their sustainability credentials.

Regardless of the package that you choose, if you become an Opus Energy customer, you’ll be able to manage your account and Opus Energy contract online via the ‘My Opus Energy portal.’ Alternatively, you can use the Opus Energy Smart app to take even more control over your energy usage.

Business Energy comparison

Opus Energy outperforms a lot of other energy suppliers when it comes to their reviews and overall reputation. At the time of writing, they boast a Trustpilot rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, from 4630 reviews.

60 percent of their reviews carry 5-star ratings. However, 31 percent are 1-star ratings. While the majority of the ratings are good, the 31 percent can be a concerning number for some but probably isn’t entirely offputting.

On the other hand, the positive reviews largely mention the customer service team being highly attentive and capable of resolving emergent issues. So, Opus Energy looks to be a good option for the larger part. However, it’s always advisable to assess the reviews yourself.

Final Thoughts

Opus Energy is a solid option, and they have the evidence to back up that notion. They’ve been around for just over 20 years and don’t look like they’ll be slowing down any time soon.

Remember that you don’t have to rush into a contract with an energy supplier. Take your time and shop around for a better deal. If you can’t find anything better, ensure you fully understand the terms of the contract before signing on the dotted line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Renewable Electricity Certificates?

Renewable Electricity Certificates (RECs) are market-based instruments. Their purpose is to certify that a bearer owns one megawatt-hour of the electricity generated from a renewable energy resource. You may hear RECs being referred to as Tradable Renewable Certificates, Green Tags, and Renewable Energy Credits.

Who owns Opus Energy?

Opus Energy was purchased by Drax Group PLC in 2016. The Drax Group is a renewable energy company that owns the UK’s largest renewable power station, Drax Power Station.

Is Opus Energy a big company?

Opus Energy has been an energy supplier since 2002, so, in terms of industry presence, they can be considered a relatively UK company. At present, Opus energises over 225,000 UK properties, so they don’t have the numbers that larger businesses such as British Gas or EON do.

Is green energy better?

Despite having some challenges, using renewable sources of energy has a plethora of economic and environmental benefits. The primary benefit is that the energy generated doesn’t produce any greenhouse emissions and reduces some types of air pollution. Using renewable energy can also reduce dependence on imported fuels.

How do I get a business energy quote from Opus Energy?

You can compare opus energy tariffs with those of other suppliers by using an online comparison tool. Comparison tools may also allow you to compare business gas, electricity, and water options. You typically only need to enter your postcode or physical address to use them.