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Engie Energy Rates, Tariffs and Reviews

Business Energy Comparison

The ENGIE group is a French multinational energy company that operates in over 70 countries worldwide. ENGIE has been active in the UK market for the past two decades. It was founded in 2008 through the merger of Gaz de France and Suez, two large energy companies.

ENGIE UK offers a wide range of energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers, including business electricity supply and compare gas prices for business. It also supplies renewable energy, energy management solutions and energy efficiency services.

In 2020, ENGIE quit the UK domestic energy supply market. It negotiated with renewable energy specialist Octopus Energy to service its existing 70,000 residential clients.

ENGIE has committed to increasing its renewable energy capacity while reducing its carbon emissions even further. The company’s ambition is to complete a zero-carbon transition by the end of 2045. Throughout the course of this article, we’ll take a look at ENGIE’s energy rates, tariffs, and customer reviews.

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Energy Rates


Deemed rates for non-half-hourly meters

  • Profile class 3 & 4: 15.83p/kWh and a £23 monthly admin fee
  • Profile class 5, 6, 7 & 8: 15.83p/kWh and a £70 monthly admin fee
  • Transport, levy and tax site rates

Deemed rates for half-hourly meters

  • Between 7 am and 11 pm: 17.76p/kWh
  • Between 11 pm and 7 am: 11.36p/kWh
  • A £60 monthly admin fee and transport, levy and tax site rates


Deemed rates

  • 15p/kWh
  • £60 monthly per site and a transport and metering cost pass-through

Energy Tariffs

Electricity and gas

Tariffs for small businesses

  • One to five-year contracts with fixed-price tariffs
  • Greener energy solutions
  • Energy bill reduction advice
  • Online quotations or call 0800 049 9601

Tariffs for larger businesses

  • Tailored packages with flexible energy solutions
  • Bulk purchase and fixed-rate contract options
  • Market price transaction best-price guarantees offered
  • Specialised market insight and support
  • Business support for energy efficiency and sustainability
Business Energy comparison

Besides energy supply, ENGIE assists businesses with a range of energy consulting services including:

  • Services to ensure business energy compliance.
  • Management services to improve facility efficiency and performance.
  • Business energy generation project development.
  • Systems for intelligent energy management and energy analytics
  • Specialised assistance to aid more cost-effective energy use and to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Customer solutions for renewable energy, increased energy performance and green mobility.

Switching To Engie Energy Solutions

For small and medium-sized businesses with only one location, ENGIE provides online quotations. If you’re a large energy user and have multiple locations, you can contact the company on 0800 049 9601 for a discussion. ENGIE will assess your energy consumption and find a way to transition to one of its energy solutions best suited to your needs.

From the information you provide, ENGIE will generate a cost-effective quotation. It’ll base this quote on your existing energy consumption and future energy supply needs. Single energy supply users are also free to contact ENGIE on the same telephone number for similar advice and assessment.

After receiving your quotation, should you decide to switch over to ENGIE, the changeover is usually completed within three weeks.

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Other Information About ENGIE

Business meter readings

Meter readings can be submitted to ENGIE using the online forms available on the ENGIE website.

Business AMR and smart meters

The UK Government has committed to reducing energy use and meeting carbon-reduction targets. As such, energy suppliers have been mandated to make concerted efforts to install AMR or smart meter equipment in all businesses and homes by 2025.

ENGIE’s 2022 aim was to install 362 gas meters and 1,148 electricity meters of the smart or AMR variety. They managed to install 630 gas meters and 830 electricity meters of those types over the 2022 year. ENGIE is targeting smart or AMR installations totalling 737 gas meters and 1,575 electricity meters during 2023.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter shows you how much energy you’re using. It sends regular consumption data through to your energy supplier, which circumvents the need for a manual meter reading. With a smart meter, there’s no longer a need for estimated bills. Your energy bill will be an accurate reflection of what you’ve used generated from the data the smart meter provides.

What is an AMR meter?

If you’re a gas consumer, an AMR meter is likely an ancillary device that is attached to an existing meter. For electricity customers, an advanced AMR meter will replace your old meter entirely. Gas customers also have the latter option available.

Business app

Right now, although ENGIE has many international business apps, there is no app available for UK business clientele.

Relocating your business

As an existing ENGIE customer, you’ll need to complete a form online. Alternatively, you can contact the energy supplier directly on 0113 306 2101 if you’re moving your business premises. ENGIE will need to change your address and activate the energy supply at the new location.

If you’re a new customer, contact the same number to set up an account.

Energy Reviews

ENGIE has received mixed reviews from its customers. Some customers praise the energy supply company for its commitment to green mobility, reliable service, and competitive rates. Others, however, express frustration with certain issues including billing problems. Poor customer service and difficulties when changing providers or energy plans are also concerns.

On Trustpilot, ENGIE’s average star rating is 2.1/5, based on nearly 1,400 reviews. 78% of reviewers have assigned five stars, but a worrying 11% could not award more than a single star. Some of the most common review points relating to ENGIE’s energy performance are:

  • Good customer service: Many customers praise ENGIE’s customer service team, commending their responsiveness and helpfulness.
  • Competitive rates: Some reviews note that, compared with energy solutions from other companies, ENGIE’s rates are highly competitive.
  • Billing issues: There have been several customer reviews that aren’t complimentary regarding ENGIE’s billing accuracy. Others have mentioned difficulties in solving billing disputes.
  • Difficulties changing plans and providers: Some customers report struggling to switch to an alternative provider or changing internal plans through ENGIE.
  • Sustainability Commitment: A number of customer reviews have expressed appreciation for ENGIE’s commitment to renewable energy, sustainability, and reducing carbon emissions.


At Business Energy Comparison, we strive to give you, the UK business energy consumer, a clear reflection of the energy supply companies in the nation. We aim to assist, through information on companies like ENGIE, in giving you a foundation to make informed decisions regarding energy solutions. In that way, you’ll find those best suited to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data does ENGIE take through its AMR/smart meters and how is it used?

ENGIE smart and AMR meters produce readings indicating the amount of gas and electricity your business uses. The AMR data collector accesses your meter to collect your consumption details and sends it securely to ENGIE.

ENGIE then uses your electricity or gas smart/AMR meter readings to generate your bills.

Does ENGIE in the UK have energy storage?

ENGIE has a firm standing in energy storage in the UK, with 2.1 GW of pumped storage offshore wind capacity and 11 GWh of other stored energy forms. The recent acquisition of a 50 MW battery storage facility in Cathkin, Scotland means a significant increase to ENGIE’s current storage and renewable assets.

What environmental services does ENGIE offer in the UK?

ENGIE is forward-thinking when it comes to renewable energy efficiency. The company is involved in a broad spectrum of technologies used to secure uninterrupted and reliable power to the grid. Solar and wind power are balanced with dependable and consistent waste energy and biomass technologies.