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EDF Energy Rates, Tariffs, and Reviews

Business Energy Comparison

As energy prices continue to soar into 2023, it’s prime time to review your current energy tariff. Business Energy Comparison can help you switch if you get a better deal on your energy. But who should you switch to?

Of all the suppliers we work with, EDF Energy is one of the best-known. Not only is it part of the Big Six, but it is also regularly voted as the best in various categories. This includes customer service and online experience.

It’s well known, but is it right for you? Here’s our review of EDF Business Energy.

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EDF Business Energy Overview

At a glance, EDF Business energy is one of the biggest energy providers in the U.K. One of the company’s big selling points is that it’s the country’s leading producer of low-carbon electricity. This environmental angle has helped it secure 5.7 million users, with EDF being the supplier for over 200,000 businesses.

This vast number of companies reflects small businesses, SMEs, and large enterprises. Besides the fact it offers low-carbon electricity, so many companies turn to EDF because of its 24/7 live chat and management tools. EDF Business Energy can provide services for businesses that work around the clock.


EDF Energy was first launched in 2002 by the French state-owned company Electricité de France (or EDF). In the following years, EDF Energy built a reputation as a reliable energy provider. It focused both on domestic and business customers.

Things changed for EDF Energy in 2009 after it bought the capital share from British Energy. Up to 2009, British Energy had been the U.K.’s biggest electricity production company in terms of volume. Having taken over British Energy’s generator and other assets, EDF suddenly became one of the country’s biggest electricity producers.

Today, it powers around 20% of Britain and employs 15,000 people.

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To put it simply, EDF Energy specialises in the following:

  • Low carbon electricity
  • Fixed and variable tariffs (Fixed tariffs for up to 4 years)
  • Renewable tariffs
  • Smart metres for SMEs
  • EV charging points
  • New installations
  • Smart metres

Regarding what EDF provides, most of its tariffs are for nuclear power and electricity.

A standard fuel mix from EDF Energy looks like this:

  • Nuclear – 72.07%
  • Natural gas – 10.84%
  • Renewable – 11.73%
  • Coal – 5.20%
  • Other – 0.16%

EDF Business Energy Products

Here’s more information on all the products and services that EDF Business Energy currently offer:

Fixed Business Tariffs

As the title implies, a Fixed Business Tariff from EDF provides you with a fixed rate tariff over 1-4 years. This option offers the most financial security as the tariff price will remain the same throughout the agreed term. EDF offers gas, electric, or combined energy options for this tariff type.

One of the significant benefits of this tariff is that EDF provides a 7% discount if you decide to pay with a debit card. If you’ve agreed to a 4-year contract, you can switch once the four years is up. Alternatively, you can have the contract automatically renewed at the end of the term.

Freedom Business Tariffs

The Freedom Business Tariff is EDF’s flexible energy option. You can choose a Freedom Tariff and pay a variable rate, depending on the state of the market. Freedom Business Tariffs can, therefore, work for or against you.

You can opt-out at any point when on a Freedom Business Tariff. Not only is this easy to do, but EDF does not impose any exit fees. Plus, if you like the price, you can upgrade to a fixed-rate tariff at any point.

With fewer commitments involved, a Freedom Tariff is the best option for businesses requiring a short-term energy solution.

Start-up Business Tariffs

As another short-term option, EDF offers a tariff expressly designed for start-up businesses still finding their feet. You can take out this short-term tariff contract over 6-8 months at a fixed rate. After this, the start-up can decide to stay with EDF or choose a different company.

This tariff type gives new companies an idea of how much energy they use and what kind of tariff they need.

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Flexible contracts for large businesses

If you’re a big company, you could buy energy from EDF in blocks. Typically, this option is offered to companies who use more energy than a standard business tariff offers. So, they can instead choose precisely how much energy they need.

Businesses that go for this option have to decide how long they’ll buy energy on this basis. As standard, they can choose between 1-5 years. However, it’s possible to use this option for more than five years.

Smart Meter Installation

EDF help its customers become more energy-efficient by offering smart meter installations. Customers will have to pay for the smart meter through their energy bills. However, EDF provides installation and maintenance for free! Most new EDF customers will receive a smart meter when they join.

EV charger installation

If you have electric vehicles, EDF can provide a 7kW EV smart home charger for £949. Pod Point, part of the EDF family, supplies this service. You can opt for either a universal socket or a tethered EV charger.

EDF Energy Reviews

On the whole, EDF Energy receives good customer reviews. It’s one of the best-reviewed energy providers of the U.K.’s big six. EDF Energy has a score of 4.⅖ on Trustpilot based on a total of 45,247 reviews.

EDF also has a solid reputation from a career point of view. It currently holds a score of 3.9/5 on GlassDoor. This is generally indicative of a happy workforce and, therefore, a good quality service.

However, EDF is not ranked highly by all review sites. On Review Centre, EDF scores just 1.4 out of 5 based on 302 reviews. So, while the reviews are generally positive for EDF, some negative reviews are worth mentioning.

In Closing

EDF is arguably the best option out of all the major energy providers in the U.K. Not only is it leading the way in terms of low carbon power, but it’s also generally well-reviewed by customers. EDF caters to businesses of all levels. Whether for start-ups or big companies, EDF provides tariff options for both short-term and long-term customers. Whatever kind of business you need to power, EDF can help in some way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact EDF Energy?

There’s a 24/7 live chat available on the EDF website. This live chat is run by real people who can provide helpful advice. Alternatively, you can reach EDF on 0333 200 5100 between 8 am and 6 pm. EDF are only contactable on the phone from Monday to Friday.

Is EDF cheap?

During the current energy crisis, it’s difficult to say which energy provider currently offers the most affordable energy deals. However, EDF does offer variable tariffs, so those currently on this tariff may be getting a good deal.

Does EDF overcharge?

EDF is not known for overcharging its customers. In 2020 the company experienced a technical fault relating to a restricted meter. As a result, EDF overcharged a minority of its customers. Besides this incident, there is no recent evidence of EDF overcharging.