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E.ON Energy Rates, Tariffs & Reviews

Business Energy Comparison

When searching for the best business energy rates, it is important you find the right provider. To help you do this, we have compiled the information you need to make an informed decision. We will be bringing you details from all the top UK energy providers.

This article will let you know more about E.ON‘s business energy services. As well as details about E.ON business energy solutions, we will provide information on their tariffs and reviews.

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Who is E.ON?

E.ON UK is one of the UK’s largest energy providers. They boast over 5 and a half million UK customers. They have both domestic and business energy customers.

E.ON was founded in Düsseldorf, Germany, in the year 2000. It was named after the word aeon, the Latin for age.

They have over 70,000 worldwide employees, 8,000 of those are based in the UK.

E.ON is one of the UK’s “Big Six” energy suppliers. These six energy providers distribute 95% of the UK’s energy.

E.ON Services

E.ON Energy provides a wide range of domestic and business services. Business energy services by E.ON include;

  • Business Gas
  • Business Electricity
  • Renewable Energy
  • Optimisation Services
  • Energy Storage Solutions

E.ON Energy solutions are available for a wide range of businesses and industries. These include;

  • Healthcare
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Hospitality and Leisure
  • Housing Development
  • Manufacturing

Sustainable businesses are catered to with a range of services. This includes electric vehicle charging solutions for businesses.

Business Energy comparison

E.ON Business energy can be tailored to suit unique needs. The main reason businesses might be looking to switch suppliers is to enjoy better rates.

All businesses will look at the most cost-effective ways to reduce running costs.

As one of the largest energy companies in the UK, E.On prides itself on being able to help all businesses. The great energy specialists provide plans for small and medium sizes enterprises. They also provide energy plans for large businesses.

Tailored quotes consider the business size, premises size, and amount of employees.

Online energy tracking tools help businesses monitor their energy use. Medium and small businesses can also take advantage of perks to save money. Discounts of up to 40% are available on energy-saving heating, cooling, and lighting products.

E.ON offers a range of enticing offers to new customers. They are dedicated to beating renewals from your existing energy supplier. They often offer incentives to entice businesses to switch.

The following plans are suitable for all business sizes, regardless of their energy usage.

Fixed Energy Plan

A fixed business energy tariff provides businesses with agreed rates for a fixed term. It is possible to agree on improved rates for long-term deals in some cases.

Fixed-rate energy tariffs let businesses know exactly how much their electricity and gas costs. It can protect businesses against rising energy prices by locking them into agreed terms.


E.ON MultiPurchase is a fixed-term tariff that provides the flexibility of payment. Businesses will be able to switch payments between;

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Seasonal
  • Annual

This allows businesses to buy energy on demand. This is perfect for those that want to study the energy market. Businesses can then take advantage of favourable fluctuations.

FlexPlus & Flex Baseload

E.ON also offers a range of flexible energy solutions. This doesn’t tie business customers into long fixed-rate deals. You will have similar payment options to the MultiPurchase option.

E.ON provides access to information and up-to-date market prices. This allows customers to make decisions based on the latest energy market prices.

Business Energy comparison
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E.On Next

E.ON Next provides businesses with renewable electricity. E.ON’s renewable electricity is REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) backed. This allows businesses to offset their energy use against renewable power sources.

This allows businesses to improve their carbon footprint. Renewable electricity certificates are provided as evidence of this.

E.ON Reviews

Checking online reviews for companies can offer mixed results. It is still worth researching companies to gauge their strengths and weaknesses.

The likelihood of unhappy customers posting reviews is as much as three times more than that of happy customers. This can lead to skewed results. The good thing is that it will be across the board, so you can still judge energy company reviews against one another.

Trustpilot has had over 40,000 reviews for E.ON in the UK. They have an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5.

E.ON offers a range of flexible, tailored plans for businesses. Facilities to check energy uses and prices online also give customers greater clarity.


E.ON UK is one of the largest energy companies in the UK. The energy specialists are well-positioned to offer businesses a range of plans to suit all needs.

They offer a personal service that makes it easy for businesses to get their gas and electricity supplied.

A range of tariffs is available for small, medium, and larger businesses. It is also possible to enjoy power from the national grid that has come from renewable sources.

Your online account makes it easy to manage your energy usage. This can help businesses to monitor and reduce costs.

When you purchase your energy from E.ON, you are purchasing from a leading energy supplier. They are in a position to offer an extensive range of services.

E.ON can help you find preferential rates. There are great fixed-rate deals and flexible contracts. You will also find environmentally friendly renewables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does E.ON have renewable options?

E.ON is one of the largest UK energy specialists. They offer excellent renewable electricity options for customers. As well as offering great renewable options, E.ON can also help businesses become more sustainable.

E.ON can support businesses in generating their own renewable energy. Wind power, heat pumps, and solar energy are all options.

Power generated from biomass plants can help to ensure businesses run on 100% renewable energy.

Does E.ON work with any charities?

E.ON is one of the Alzheimer’s Society’s official partners. A range of fundraising activities has been initiated by staff. The proceeds of these fundraisers go directly to help support workers and the work they carry out.

E.ON has also produced guides on how people with dementia can be supported by energy companies.

What is Npower?

Npower is now in the same group as E.ON after being bought out in 2019. E.ON acquired the energy company after an attempted merger with SSE failed.

Npower still operates as a brand under the E.ON umbrella. This allowed existing customers to enjoy stability. Customers will eventually be switched over.

Npower suffered from poor customer reviews. The switch should see improvements in customer service for existing customers.

The Npower website still offers existing customers access to their accounts. Anyone that requests a quote will be directed to the E.ON website to complete the query.

What deals does E.ON offer?

E.On regularly offers deals and discounts. If you are considering switching energy suppliers, it can be worthwhile checking.

E.On has offered specials on fixed-rate deals depending on the term length. They have rewarded loyal customers that sign up for longer deals with discounts.

They have also offered discounts to those that pay via Direct Debit. This guarantees that the payment is set up. It helps to minimise the risk of customers missing payment dates.

The greatest discounts for Direct Debit payments have been for those that choose to pay monthly. Quarterly payments received a smaller discount.

In the past, discounts have also been offered to customers that have paid the bill within 14 days of it being due.