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Crown Gas & Power Energy Tariffs

Business Energy Comparison

Crown Gas & Power was established in 2001 as a gas supplier to the UK’s business and commercial sector. Through the years, it has built a reputation for its competitive prices and first-class customer service.

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An Overview

Although it can connect gas, water and electricity, Crown Gas & Power only supplies gas. The supplier offers fully-fixed gas contracts to businesses, with the contract terms based on the customer’s needs. These fully inclusive contacts cut out the standing charges up to 500,000kWh.

The company also offers Siteworks. This is a white-label service providing utility connections and disconnections to the commercial sector. It also alters pressure levels.

If a business requires a green solution, carbon can be offset with one of several bespoke options or by buying green gas. These solutions offer various contract lengths with automated meter reader installations at competitive pricing. They include online customer support via chat and UK-based call centre access.

If social responsibility at a corporate level is essential, Crown Gas and Power has raised thousands of pounds over time. It is a regular contributor to several Greater Manchester charities. The company also runs an apprentice program for young adults in Manchester, its headquarters.

Crown is flexible regarding business gas services and products for industry, SMEs and multi-site companies. The company will quote their customers on what they specifically need.

Crown Gas & Power transfer current supplies in as little as 15 days. This means hardly any disruption to clients. Crown offers clients a secure online portal customer portal where they can check usage and submit meter readings. These readings can also be sent via email or given over the phone.

Who is Crown Gas & Power?

Crown Gas & Power is a gas supplier to UK businesses and has been in the game since just after the change of the millennium.

The energy expert not only supplies gas to businesses but also arranges gas, electricity and water connections for the commercial sector. Crown Gas & Power is well known for its competitive prices and first-class customer service.

Business Energy comparison

There are several gas deals available through Crown Gas. The company offers numerous products, with fully fixed contracts being prevalent. Crown listens to its customers and works out fixed-term agreements based on their exact needs and budget. This affords these customers more support and security in a constantly fluctuating environment.

Crown Gas & Power helps with connecting utilities, including business electricity rates and water. Siteworks, an energy division set up to work solely on connecting clientele, allows Crown to deal with dependable partners. They install connections at new premises and carry out service alterations. The gas supplier also handles applications and sets up smart meters.

Crown is not only an energy supplier but also carries a fully personalised consultancy service for business gas customers. A range of experts offers support and advice to customers in need. They also assist with building tailored solutions to meet clients’ requirements.

Green Gas Power

Most businesses these days are searching for environmentally friendly energy solutions. The trend is to move away from fossil fuels and switch to green gas. Not only is a greener fuel source more beneficial to the environment, but it also provides a host of energy-saving options. Crown Gas and Power also carry these types of solutions for its clientele.

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Reducing Carbon Footprints

Reducing a company’s carbon footprint is a natural action if the right solutions are available. Crown Gas & Power offer several bespoke solutions to assist in this process. One such option is to acquire a Carbon Neutral Gas Contract, which uses carbon credits to balance carbon from the company’s gas supply.

Calculate the carbon footprints and purchase the carbon certificates directly from Crown Gas.

Another option is to buy green gas. Green gas uses anaerobic digestion to convert waste food or other organic material to biomethane. Although this form of renewable power is the same in character and composition as fossil gas, it is carbon neutral. This makes it more environmentally friendly.

Crown Gas & Power is the first energy supplier to offer different green gas plans to provide gas that directly suits customer requirements. They include various percentages of biomethane in their fuel mixes. Hence, clients can choose from 25% to 100% green gas formulations. In this way, businesses can reduce footprints to suit their budgets.

These green gas alternatives are available at Crown Gas & Power with various contract options. These afford clients competitive prices, including automated meter reader installations. Crown Gas’s first-class customer service is a given, so contact them online or through a UK-based call centre.

Sustainable green gas solutions from Crown Gas & Power mean that commercial sector energy supplies can be friendly to the environment. They afford businesses solutions that don’t include natural gas, coal, oil or any CO2-producing fossil fuels.

Changing Gas Suppliers

There’s no doubt that gas is a primary business expense in the UK. Crown makes supplying gas to businesses at competitive prices a primary goal. Their gas supply transfer process is simple and considers customer requirements.

It isn’t easy to secure a competitive gas supply quote, so Crown offers its best prices immediately. In this way, the customer can make an informed choice when changing suppliers to Crown.

A business should always determine its annual gas consumption before switching gas suppliers. To do this, compare your energy invoices, or access your consumption figures online.

In Closing

Crown Gas & Power has been supplying gas to the commercial sector for over two decades. The gas supplier knows the business well and transfers this knowledge to its clientele. In this way, they’re also more informed regarding their supply. You’ll always get first-rate customer service, competitive prices, and hassle-free service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does business gas cost?

Business gas prices depend on meter size, usage and location. You can get a quote from Crown Gas & Power by visiting its website.

Can I carry out automated meter reader installations myself?

You should contact the company supplying gas to carry out any automated meter reader installations. The gas supplier will send out its appointed metering company to do the work. Please don’t attempt to install or move any meter yourself, as it’s dangerous and illegal. You could be prosecuted if you try it.

When should I replace my meter?

The most obvious time to replace a meter is when you’ve noticed a fault where the meter isn’t recording your usage correctly. Another time you should consider meter replacement is if the certification period on the meter is close to expiring. An energy supplier is obliged by law to replace a meter if this certification period has expired.

Could I already have an existing utility supply to my house?

The infrastructure should still be there if the property has a past supply. This means you would only need to reconnect. If a cap were put on the supply for some reason, a dead or alive check would be carried out. The cost of uncapping a supply depends on if the supply is capped beyond the meter.

Is there a gas supply shortage in the UK?

Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator, warns that the 2022/23 Winter period could see a shortage in Great Britain. This is due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and current gas shortages in other parts of Europe.