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Corona Energy Prices, Tariffs & Reviews

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Since forming in 1995, Corona Energy has built itself a solid reputation. It is known as one of the most forward-thinking UK business gas and electricity suppliers. Now owned by the Australian finance company Macquarie Group, Corona Energy has taken charge of more than 85,000 meters across the UK. It supplies energy to around 13,000 business sector clients.

The energy supplier services SMEs and micro-businesses. These account for 75% of their provided energy, with the remaining 25% coming from the industrial and commercial gas market. Corona Energy claims to be the first energy supplier to offer energy with wholesale gas consumer benefits.

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Who is Corona Energy?

Corona Energy is based in Watford, Hertfordshire, in the United Kingdom. Neil Mitchell is the company CEO, having been with Corona Energy since 2004.

At present, Corona Energy supplies 14% of the UK’s commercial and industrial gas market. It has more than 200 customer service specialists at its disposal. The daily principles that Corona Energy holds dear are:-

  • To keep things simple.
  • To always put its customers first.
  • To empower people and businesses.
  • To be forward-thinking.

Corona Energy is very aware of the need to assist the community, offering support in Watford in several ways:-

  • To reduce mental illness in Watford, the company supported the local Small Acts of Kindness charity. Small Acts of Kindness supplies the elderly with gifts and focuses its efforts on reducing the impact of loneliness among them.
  • Corona Energy initiated a community outreach program in 2018 to assist a local Watford primary school. The company provides community support by donating school uniforms. It also helps with resources for learning aid and raising money via charity auctions.

Corona Energy employs people from many backgrounds and is proud of the diverse workplace culture it has forged. The company’s community proactivity has led to Corona Energy receiving numerous awards. The Hertfordshire Charitable Business Audentior awards and four consecutive Investors in People Gold awards stand out among these.

Corona Energy commits to offering highly competitive pricing, complete with other business services. These include asset finance, LED lighting solutions, boiler efficiency sensors and new connections.

Services and Products

Corona Energy offers a variety of tariffs that include energy price protection for as long as three years. Corona Energy supplies green electric contract options with 100% renewable energy.

Corona Energy allocates a deemed tariff without needing any contract agreement for new tenants. Should an existing customer fail to renew a contract agreement with Corona Energy before expiry, a deemed tariff will apply.

Like every energy supplier, Corona Energy’s business deemed tariffs are the most expensive rate. Clients that are automatically placed on deemed tariffs will have cheaper alternatives available.

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Corona Energy offers both pass-through, fixed and fully fixed products. Metering fees and the cost of transportation are included in product pricing. Although CFD is not included in the pricing, RO and FIT are included.

SME Fully Fixed products and SME Fixed products can cause confusion as the product names are very similar. There are some rudimentary differences between them, with SME Fully Fixed fixing all elements within a fixed contract, including all third-party charges.

This SME Fully Fixed contract places Corona Energy at the forefront of the energy market. It assures customers that their energy pricing will not change for the entire duration of the agreed contract.

Conversely, an SME Fixed contract fixes the energy element’s contracted price only. If customers agree to Corona Energy SME Fixed contracts, their prices can fluctuate. Any extra costs reflect throughout the contract terms.

None of Corona Energy’s contracts contain CFD, which gets charged over-and-above contract rates. The company reserves the right to amend its contract terms if circumstances demand this. These circumstances include:-

  • Accommodating any legal change on contract delivery.
  • Failure of the customer to fulfil their contracted obligation.
  • If gas customers should fail to utilise the consumption stated in the contract.
  • If the metering system changes.


All SME customers receive smart meter installation included in their supply contracts. HH (half-hourly) meters below 120 kVA are all fully supported. Corona Energy bills monthly and supports reduced-rate VAT declarations.

Corona Energy divides its business gas and electricity rates into six bands. Customers pay a fixed unit rate price, no matter how much their daily usage is. The estimated yearly consumption determines what increases get made to the standing charges.

If a customer is moved to a deemed electricity tariff, the most expensive rate is using a half-hourly meter. For deemed gas tariffs, rates depend on which band a customer falls into. Those that utilise the most gas are placed into the most costly bands.

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Back-billing is limited to two years for electricity and five years for gas, with authority letters required. Contracts lapse if tenancy changes, but termination fees may apply depending on circumstances.

Corona Energy conforms to the UK Energy Back-Billing standards. Many other suppliers don’t conform to the standards, though. According to the Limitations Act, they can back-bill clients for up to six years. Corona Energy is thus a sensible option as a smart meter supplier for energy usage.


Corona Energy supplies their electricity and gas customers with access to a myCorona account. This allows clients to manage their energy accounts online, with no accounts requiring posting. The myCorona app is always available and accessible.

The Corona Energy online account means a customer can view consumption, bills and billing history online. Clients can also submit their meter readings and log queries while also tracking existing questions.

The Environment

Corona Energy has done a fine job of enhancing the renewable energy and green profile of its Watford headquarters. These office headquarters include the following:-

  • 100% on-site renewable energy.
  • Rainwater harvesting and services
  • A zero-waste-to-landfill policy
  • On-site EV charging points
  • Facility for food composting
  • On-site bee hives to boost the population of the species and provide employees with honey.
  • A scheme for baling cardboard and another for printing limitation and using less paper.

Corona Energy has a REGO-verified renewable source – Ofgem’s Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin. Through this source, an equivalent amount of green electricity is generated for every unit of power supplied.

In Closing

Corona Energy prides itself on providing energy in the most responsible manner possible. It respects the need to base that responsibility on climate change. Hence, it makes business choices that will enhance this sustainability. This, along with the community outreach program in place, makes it an ethical and affirmative choice of supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Corona Energy read my meter if my business isn't open?

If you have an Automated Meter Reading meter, it sends the readings to Corona Energy automatically. The company’s meter readers follow government guidelines on non-essential working and have suspended reading meters. You can submit your readings via email or through the myCorona online app.

Can Corona Energy cut my supply off?

Your energy supply can only be cut off if you stop paying or don’t continuously pay your bill in full. Corona Energy will contact you when a default is noticed to discuss your circumstances and how they can assist.

How can I order a smart gas meter?

Smart meters are being assigned in stages. Corona Energy has metering agents who will contact you when smart meter installation is available in your region.