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British Gas Business Gas & Energy

Business Energy Comparison

Deciding on a suitable gas & electricity plan for your business can take time and effort. After all, utilities are expensive, and you don’t want to be wasteful.

This article will discuss British Gas and how they can help you with their short, long-term, and renewable energy plans.

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Your Quick Guide to British Gas

British Gas are the United Kingdom’s leading energy supplier. They’ve serviced UK homes for over 200 years and actively serve millions of homes around the country. They form part of Centrica PLC, a multinational energy and services company.

If you need a reliable long-term business energy supplier, look no further than British Gas business energy. But what can they offer you that’s different from competitors? Let’s look at this next.

What Can They Offer Your Business?

British Gas¬†offers gas and electricity to hundreds of thousands of organisations. They do this while ensuring that they give you tailor-made electricity contracts for your business. You’ll also get expert advice from their energy market specialists.

Are you concerned about the environment? This electricity and gas supplier has renewable business energy options. These help you reach your green goals and meet whatever sustainability criteria you’re striving for.

After all, we’ve got to look after the environment for the next generation. And what better way to do so than to consider our gas and electricity consumption?

The company is a leader in green business energy. Their business energy experts can advise on the proper installation for your business. They’ll also discuss any maintenance requirements with you.

They even offer 100% renewable energy using wind, hydro or solar. Of course, this comes at a premium.

Business Energy comparison

Business energy rates are calculated on the size of your business and the amount of energy it consumes. This can either be on a variable rate or fixed tariff.

And if you have a half-hourly meter, you can get a tailored business energy quote based solely on how and when your business consumes electricity.

Large Businesses

How much you spend each year on business energy matters. Your energy quote will vary depending on whether you spend less than ¬£300,000 each year or more than that. Greater than that, and you’ll be classified as a large business.

The team at British Gas will work to ensure that you can lower the energy costs for your business. They’ll give you frequent status updates on any query you have. They even deal with each client on an individualised basis.

So make your account online today to start working out a plan for your energy costs.

British Gas Plans & Services

British gas offers business energy on a fixed energy price plan. This is a fantastic offer, particularly in a climate where you’re still determining whether the price will remain consistent. Fixed-price plans offer you security, even when market prices change.

A business energy quote is available from 30 days to even up to five years. You can get one online and quickly (within 60 seconds). And British Gas even allows easy switching, meaning you should change from another energy supplier in five days.

And if you’re interested in the former (30 days) energy option for flexibility reasons, then you might be interested in their 30-Day Rolling Energy Plan. This energy quote provides for greater freedom. This is particularly good for businesses that don’t want to be tied down yet and are still weighing different energy options.

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British Gas Energy Plan Renewal

If your business energy plan is about to expire, about two months before that, you’ll get a letter from British Gas. If you don’t renew, you’ll likely get switched to a variable-price plan.

So make sure to contact British Gas for a business energy quote and to discuss ongoing options.

Looking for a Business Energy Supplier?

British Gas can help you with your business energy needs at different prices and terms, all to suit your situation. You can even contact the business electricity supplier or gas supplier on their live chat for quick and efficient customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is business energy cheaper than residential?

Business energy and gas rates are usually cheaper than residential rates. It’s only because businesses generally use more gas and electricity than households that their bills seem higher.

Can I get out of a business energy contract?

Of course, you can get out of a business energy contract after a specified time has elapsed (as per the contract). However, you’ll have to wait the time out if it hasn’t. Alternatively, if it’s within 14 calendar days since you’ve signed up, you can cancel.

Are business gas prices capped?

No business gas energy prices are not capped. The Energy Bill Relief Scheme is not a business energy price cap. The government is simply discounting the wholesale price suppliers have to pay for energy.