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Vet Energy Prices

The veterinarian profession is in a tight spot. Before the energy crisis even hit, vet centres were forced to close due to the rising price of equipment. This was made worse by the decreasing number of available staff. The energy price hike only adds to the mounting problems of the profession.

As protectors of animal welfare, vets use considerable amounts of water and electricity. So, vets across the country have felt the effects of the recent bill hike. Some relief was granted through the Energy Bill Relief Scheme. However, many of the U.K.’s 4,000 veterinary practices still face an uncertain future.

To make your veterinary practices more financially viable, perhaps it’s time to switch energy providers. Business Energy Comparison can help you find an energy supplier that offers you better rates than your current one. With our help, you could be saving up to 45% on energy bills – even through the ongoing energy crisis!

What Are the Energy Needs of a Veterinary Practice?

The energy needs of a vet are wide-ranging, which is why a proper energy management plan needs to be put in place.

Normally, around 20% of a vet facility’s total spending goes towards energy. Of course, this percentage has increased exponentially over the past year. Vets need the best possible energy deal they can find to support the following needs:

  • Large electricity usage – Most of the surgical and medical equipment used by vets require constant electrical power. Switching off equipment for energy efficiency purposes may not be an option.
  • 24/7 lights, heating, air conditioning – Many veterinary practices have to keep pets in overnight. This means that lights, heating, and air conditioners need to remain on around the clock. Therefore, vets require a 24/7 energy supply.
  • Gas usage – A vet uses gas in many ways. For one, they regularly have to administer anaesthetic gases. Plus, much of the medical machinery used by them are gas-powered. The gas usage of healthcare services is totally different from that of households and other facilities. Therefore, gas consumption levels are very high for veterinary practices.
  • Ventilation – A solid ventilation system is required for all pet healthcare facilities. Strong air conditioning, therefore, needs to be in place, which requires constant power.
  • Water usage – Veterinary practices have a high level of water usage. This is due in part to the pets they have to wash pre and post-operation.
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The vet profession is already under a lot of pressure. The ongoing energy crisis merely adds to the industry’s mounting financial struggles.

In recent years, equipment and medicine have undergone an unprecedented price hike. For this reason, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for independent vet practices in the U.K. to economize. Workforce shortages have also resulted in there being no staff available to treat our animals.

The ongoing energy crisis has been the final blow for many practices, resulting in closures across the country. The crisis has affected the industry in two very distinct ways. For one, veterinary practices simply don’t have the power to care for animals as well as they’d like to. Reducing energy usage may result in poorer care for our animals.

Secondly, the energy crisis has impacted pet owners. These financially-difficult times have caused many pet owners to delay vet visits to save money. This results in a mounting number of emergency visits. Most vet practices simply don’t have the resources, power, or staff to support this.

In this difficult time, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) have called for the Energy Bill Relief Scheme to be extended beyond March 2023. However, this will still not be enough for many practices.

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Time to Change Your Veterinary Practice’s Energy Provider

Clearly, many of the U.K.’s thousands of veterinary practices should reassess their energy consumption. If you could use less power, you could save money for more equipment and medicine.

However, to still be able to provide an exceptional level of care, it makes more sense to switch energy suppliers. This way, you’ll spend less on energy and more on providing a high level of animal care.

But how do you find the time to sift through the U.K.’s many energy suppliers to find the deal that works for you? Business Energy Comparison can do the hard work for you. We work with leading energy providers and have experience delivering better energy deals to veterinary practices.

Save on Energy Bills

You shouldn’t have to curb your energy usage to get through this crisis. We’re here to help you find fixed costs that’ll make a big difference to your outgoings. Proper energy management starts with finding a deal that works for you.

To provide life-saving and welfare services, you need a high level of natural gas and electricity. During the energy crisis, you shouldn’t have to operate at a reduced rate or with fewer resources. Your main focus needs to be on how to make your resources more affordable, which is where the Business Energy Comparison website can help you.

We can help you find better prices for electricity and gas, as well as water.

SME & Large Corporates

How Business Energy Comparison can help your business

To use our services, all you have to do is provide us with basic information regarding your vet business. The details you have to provide depend on what you’re applying for. We can help you find gas, electricity, water, or combined utility providers.

Our team will then find you several of the best deals available at the time. The list presented will include information on pricing, tariff options, and what’s included. From this, you can compare, contrast, and determine the deal that suits your vet business the best.

Once you select the best option for you, we’ll handle the switch!

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Why Use Business Energy Comparison to Switch Your Veterinarian Energy Provider?

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to your energy provider. Rates are currently high across the board. But what if you are unknowingly paying over the odds? Business Energy Comparison can clear up any doubts you may have about energy management.

You should also consider using our services for the following reasons:

  • We’ll only promote energy deals that match your criteria. We know that every veterinary practice is different from the next. Each has its own unique needs and energy consumption level.
  • We work with businesses of all sizes. We can find business deals for big companies as well as small and mid-sized businesses.
  • If we don’t find you a better energy deal than your current renewal quote, we’ll pay you £1,000!
  • Plus, we’re an award-winning, USP-trustworthy utility costs comparison site. We’ve helped clients in an array of fields, veterinary practices included.

can explore fixed and variable tariffs. Finding a new supplier can often be a great way to make savings and enjoy lower rates.

We will support you from start to finish in your search for the best energy deals. For more information or to get started, contact us today. All we need from you is a little information about the business. Let us know about your existing energy provider and costs, and then let us do the hard work.

When Should You Switch Vet Energy Suppliers?

Normally, you can secure the best deal on a supplier switch six months before your current deal ends. However, in the current energy crisis, any time is a good time.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely consider switching energy suppliers. With the help of Business Energy Comparison, you can at least get an idea of what your options are. On top of practising good energy management, you could save almost half of your energy bill spending by switching today.

Energy prices are in a state of constant flux, now more than ever. Business Energy Comparison can give you a rundown of all the top energy options available to you. With this breakdown, you can pick the deal that will reduce your utility costs the most.

Timing is no issue for us. We’ll be able to find you impressive deals no matter how long your current energy deal has to go. Compare business gas and electricity prices now with Business Energy Comparison!

How to Reduce your Veterinarian Energy Bills Further

Reducing your energy bills is important. However, making sure your premises delivers greater energy efficiency also helps bring your bills down. Consider these tips:

Solar panels

Using solar panels for energy generation will obviously reduce the amount you spend on energy bills. They can also act as a safety net when your business experiences power cuts and blackouts.

Check water pipes

Water usage in veterinary practices is considerable. Unfortunately, there aren’t many means to reduce your level of water use. One thing you could do is check your internal plumbing and fix any leaks you come across. One thing you don’t want is to waste more water than necessary.

Switch to LED lighting

If you require 24/7 lighting in your veterinary practices, you definitely should switch to LED lighting. It’s more durable and efficient than most standard lightbulb types. They require less heat than other lights, meaning they can run for longer on less power.

Get light sensors

While it may be necessary to have lights on all the time in some rooms, in other rooms (i.e., bathrooms, cupboards, etc.), you’ll only need the light on sometimes. In these rooms, we’d recommend investing in light sensors. This way, the light only comes on when you need it, and you won’t accidentally leave anything on.

Service your air conditioners

One thing that can eat up a lot of power is a faulty air conditioner. For this reason, you should remember to service your air conditioners regularly and look out for any faults.

Use heat pads and insulated coverings

Although you need heating in the operations room, you may not require the whole room to be hot. You could save heat energy by using heat pads and insulated coverings. The benefits of these include being able to target the areas that need heat and leave out the areas that don’t. This is better for your patients and ensures better energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is energy efficiency important for veterinary practices?

Energy efficiency is of utmost importance in veterinary practices because the profession demands a high level of power. Gas and electricity prices have gone up significantly in the past year, so energy management is now more important than ever.

How long will the Energy Bill Relief cover veterinary practices?

As it stands, the Energy Bill Relief Scheme will cover veterinary practices until the end of March 2023. However, the BVA has been campaigning since October 2021 in an attempt to get this date extended. It is unclear as of yet whether this relief fund will be extended or not.