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Tennis Club Energy and Utilities

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For many people in the UK, tennis is a lot more than a few weeks in June when the world’s eyes turn to Wimbledon.

Tennis clubs are a great way to keep fit and be social, and this is done all year round. As you might expect, tennis clubs in the UK face a number of challenges when it comes to providing facilities to members all year round.

Thankfully, here at Business Energy Comparison, we can help. We are dedicated to providing a premier service to help tennis clubs across the UK enjoy cheaper business electricity and gas prices.

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There are tennis clubs all across the UK. This allows members to enjoy top-of-the-range facilities at any time of the year.

Unfortunately, the weather in the UK isn’t always as good as the facilities provided by tennis clubs. This means that indoor courts are often a requirement.

Internal and external lighting can ensure players stay at the top of their game. It can also help people play outside for longer.

Tennis clubs must provide optimal lighting and temperatures for players. Tennis clubs are also known for providing refreshments and food. Bars and restaurants attached to tennis clubs are often busy and require a significant energy supply.

Because of this, it is essential that tennis clubs explore options to improve energy efficiency. It is also beneficial to make use of the services provided by Business Energy Comparison. We will help tennis clubs find better prices on business gas and electricity.

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Save Money On Tennis Club Energy And Utility Bills

The best way to save money on energy bills for tennis clubs is to improve efficiency and find the best energy rates.

At Business Energy Comparison, we are dedicated to finding the best tariffs for small, medium and large business energy needs.

Keep reading to learn some top tips for improving tennis club energy efficiency. This will help you reduce your carbon footprint and energy usage.

Green Energy Tariffs For Tennis Clubs

Many businesses are starting to understand the importance of green energy. At Business Energy Comparison, we can help you find environmentally friendly energy suppliers.

Combining environmentally friendly energy supplies with onsite renewable energy will reduce carbon emissions significantly.

This can be a great way to advertise the tennis club as being socially aware and responsible.

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No good business will want to waste money. Failing to explore the ways your tennis club can become energy efficient is a form of wasting money.

A few small changes could make a significant difference to your annual energy bills. Take a look at the advice provided below to help you lower the cost of your electricity and lower energy consumption.


Any club or business that welcomes the public onto its premises should be well-lit. This will help to make the club feel more welcoming to guests.

As well as well-lit public areas, indoor and outdoor tennis courts often have to be lit. This can mean that lighting is one of the biggest electricity drains for a tennis club.

Replacing traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient LED alternatives is a great way to reduce energy consumption.

Depending on the LED bulb you use and its purpose, you could save as much as 90% of the energy used on traditional lighting. Energy savings won’t always be this high, but LED lighting can make a big difference.

Investing in LED lighting for indoor areas and for floodlights on outdoor tennis courts can make a massive difference.

Renewable energy

Tennis clubs can often make use of renewable energy sources to minimise the electricity required to power the facility. Installing solar panels on the tennis club roof can help you minimise the energy you need from a supplier.

End-of-night checks

Implementing an end-of-night check to ensure everything that can be switched off has been switched off is very important. This will minimise the risk of energy being wasted when nobody is using it.

Computers and other devices that are left in standby mode can use as much as 16% of the energy they require when fully operational.

If your tennis club leaves a number of appliances in standby mode, the cost of this over the year will surprise you.

An end-of-night check will also help to ensure lights are off in areas where they are not required.

Energy audit

Having a professional conduct an energy audit will identify areas where energy consumption can be improved. In some cases, these can be small changes that can be easily communicated to staff.

If the auditor identifies major issues that are wasting energy this could be expensive to resolve. Creating a long-term plan that gradually resolves these issues can make this more affordable.

An example of this could be an inefficient boiler or equipment. It might not make financial sense to simply throw them out immediately, but when it is time to replace them this can be dealt with.

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How To Reduce Tennis Club Gas Bills

Reducing gas bills can also help tennis clubs save money. The following tips will help with efficiency and allow clubs to stay comfortable and welcoming.


The insulation of a building will make a big difference to heating bills. Newer buildings that are purpose-built will typically take this into account. Older buildings may not have been built with efficiency in mind.

Exploring ways to insulate a building can include:

  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Energy efficient windows

While some of these options may require a significant initial investment, they offer long-term results.


Sports clubs typically offer changing and showering facilities. If this is the case, there are ways to limit hot water use without disgruntling members.

Shower systems that provide hot water for a limited time of between 10 and 15 seconds and then need to be pressed again are a great way to do this.

It ensures members can still enjoy hot showers, but also limits how easy it is to stand under the hot water for long periods of time.

Heating and cooling

Keeping a tennis club at an optimal temperature is necessary for indoor courts. It is also needed for bars or restaurants attached to the club.

While the UK does have relatively cold winters and warm summers, it is nowhere near the extremes of other countries. This makes it easier for tennis clubs to set thermostats and monitor temperatures.

Maintaining a steady temperature will help members feel comfortable. Reducing the temperature by just 1℃ can help to reduce heating bills by as much as 10%. This is always something to think about when bills start to increase.

Compare Tennis Club Energy Prices With Business Energy Comparison

Finding the best energy rates on the market doesn’t have to be difficult. Individually contacting each energy provider would take a long time. The business energy brokers and consultants at Business Energy Comparison can get you quotes in minutes.

By supplying us with your postcode, we can use industry-held data to get the information you need. We will then provide you with quotes from some of the UK’s biggest and best energy suppliers, including:

We are on hand every step of the way to answer any questions and provide advice. We will also ensure the switchover takes place without a hitch – providing you with peace of mind and an uninterrupted supply.


Many businesses face an uncertain time with rising costs and energy bills. Being proactive and finding the best energy deals will make a difference.

Business Energy Comparison helps tennis clubs find the best business energy and utility prices on the market.

The tips provided above will help you reduce energy consumption and save money. Using our services to enjoy the best rates will also reduce energy bills.

We specialise in helping businesses of all sizes find the perfect supplier for their needs. Small and medium-sized tennis clubs will be able to find the help they need right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce utility bills at a tennis club?

Water-saving flush systems and taps in tennis club bathrooms and kitchens will help. They can significantly reduce the amount of water being wasted. This will help tennis clubs spend less on utility bills.

Are LED lights good for tennis courts?

Yes, LED lights are good for tennis courts. They use significantly less energy and don’t require as much maintenance.

Does the cost of tennis club energy get passed on to members?

The annual cost of tennis memberships is based on what it costs to run the club. If energy costs continue to rise, some clubs may have to increase membership fees.