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Office Energy And Utility Costs

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Discover whether you could be saving on what you pay for your office gas and electricity. See the best deals from UK suppliers with Business Energy Comparison.

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Office Energy Prices

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Save Money on your Office Energy Costs Today

All businesses will look to reduce excess spending, and exploring energy and utility alternatives can be a great way to start.

At Business Energy Comparison, we provide a simple service that makes it easy to find the best office energy and utility rates on the market.

Keep reading to discover how you can enjoy better rates with our business energy comparison service. We have also provided some great ways for you to reduce your energy bill by improving office efficiency.

Business Energy comparison

In recent years many office-based job roles were transformed so people could work from home. This allowed businesses to remain operational through the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

As things returned to normal, many businesses returned to the office. Some offered hybrid working with office and homeworking both available.

This sudden and forced change in how many businesses operate in the UK made them aware of the costs involved in running a business.

Offices require energy and utilities for various reasons. They need to be well-lit and kept at an optimal temperature. IT equipment also needs to be powered throughout the day.

Toilets and kitchens require a water supply as well. Because of this, exploring ways to cut costs for all these essential expenses can be extremely beneficial.

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How Much Does It Cost To Run An Office?

There are many costs associated with running an office, the most significant being rent and energy.

The size and purpose of the office will determine energy costs. For example, a simple office for a small business employing between 5 and 10 people typically won’t be too large. It may have one computer per person and one or two copiers.

Alternatively, an office for a call centre might be large with a high number of employees. All these employees will need access to a computer and other facilities.

Average Electricity Consumption For Offices

Micro or small businesses will typically use from 5,000 to 25,000 kWh per year of electricity. The average price per kWh can vary from between 44.9p for micro businesses to 40.7p for small businesses.

Average Gas Consumption For Offices

Most offices in the UK are on the smaller side, and micro or small businesses tend to use between 5,000 to 30,000 kWh per year on gas

The average price of gas per kWh per year for microbusinesses is around 18.6p. The price for small businesses is closer to 13.1p per kWh. However, these prices are dependent on your energy supplier and current rates.

Energy Saving Tips For Offices

Our excellent service provides a great way to save money on the electricity and gas you use. Another great way to save money is to save energy. This might seem obvious to many, but making a few changes can significantly reduce energy waste.

As well as saving money, this is also important for the environment. There are a number of regulations in place to limit the environmental impact businesses have on climate change.

Many businesses are now targetting a net zero future where emissions are offset by green alternatives. Doing this can also help with the reputation of the business. This is because many modern consumers demand conscientious businesses.

The following tips will help your company save money and reduce bills:

Switch Off Machines Every Night

Many people in offices leave machines on standby for convenience. This is especially true for people using desktop computers. While it may get you logged in a bit quicker, it can waste a lot of energy and money.

Equipment on standby has been shown to use between 9% and 16% of the power it would take to power it when in use. Switching off a bank of computers can result in significant savings over time.

Keep Unessential Machines Off Standby

Other machines like printers or copiers can also be switched off unless they are in use. As they aren’t used as regularly, this will also help with significant savings.

Go Paperless

Many offices have made the call to go paperless. As well as making savings on the electricity required to power printers and copiers, there are other savings to be made too. Offices will no longer have to spend as much money on paper or ink.

Install Aerators In Taps

The biggest use of water in offices will be via taps in bathrooms and kitchens. You can reduce water usage and the costs associated with it by installing aerators in the faucet. This will restrict the water flow and mix air into the stream to ensure the water pressure doesn’t drop.

Focus On Lighting

Lighting is a big energy drain so avoiding leaving lights on is essential. One way to guarantee lights won’t be left on unnecessarily is by investing in new technologies like motion sensors.

Using motion sensors for office lighting ensures areas won’t be lit if there is nobody there. This can also be great if a light is accidentally left on overnight.

Carry Out An Energy Audit

Carrying out an energy audit will help office managers identify where money is being wasted. This will allow them to make the office more energy efficient. This can be done by professionals to ensure every possibility is covered.

It can explore everything from keeping lights off in rooms not being used to closing doors to keep heat in. It can also look at insulation and how well the air conditioning works in certain offices.

This can be a cost-effective way to pinpoint problem areas that need to be addressed. Most energy audits will be carried out by someone with experience that knows what to look for.

Business Energy comparison

After carrying out an audit, making employees aware of what can be done is essential. This can include switching off lights, closing doors, and ensuring their equipment is powered off after a shift.

Employees can make small changes to their daily routines that will help to save energy. Being more energy efficient will greatly reduce the costs of running an office.

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Compare Office Energy Suppliers

Changing from your current energy supplier can sound like a major hassle. If you were to explore the energy sector yourself, you would find an extensive list of suppliers. Because of this, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

The utilities sector is similar, so making use of Business Energy Comparison will make things much easier.

You won’t have to complete applications for countless suppliers. Instead, you simply enter your business address and let us do the hard work.

From start to finish, we are on hand to support our customers through changing suppliers and enjoying big savings.

Our experience in the energy sector lets us get quotes from some of the best providers in the UK. We also offer quotes from green providers that use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

You can also save money on business water needs by taking advantage of our knowledge of the utilities sector.

Finding competitive business gas prices for business and electricity has never been easier. When you use our straightforward service, you can save as much as 45% from your bill.

Get in touch today by filling out a few small details. In minutes, you will get a free, no-obligation quote from some of the top energy providers in the UK.

Final Thoughts

The vast majority of businesses in the UK have had to tighten their belts in the last few years. As energy prices rise, it is essential that companies make an effort to find the best deals for their needs.

The time and effort required to compare all energy suppliers and utility companies could make it an unwelcome task. Thankfully, our expert team and state-of-the-art technology allow us to get you great quotes in minutes.

At Business Energy Comparison we take the hassle out of looking for the best deals. We also help you with the process of switching suppliers.

Our start-to-finish service gives business owners the peace of mind they need to know they are in good hands. We also free up their valuable time to concentrate on their day-to-day business.

Get in touch today to get a free, no-obligation quote and see how much we can save you on business electricity and gas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tariffs are available for office energy?

You will typically be able to choose between a fixed rate or variable tariffs, depending on your preference.

Fixed-rate tariffs are great for businesses to know exactly what their bills will be based on their electricity and gas usage. However, it does mean that if energy prices drop, you may be left paying a higher price for your agreed term

Alternatively, you could select a variable rate that fluctuates based on current energy prices. This means bills may change, even if the same amount of energy has been used. This is a great option if the price of energy drops. However, if the price rises, so will your bills.

What if there is a charge to leave my current supplier?

If you are in the middle of an agreement for a fixed period, there may be a charge to leave this early. If this is the case it can be worth looking at how much you will save by switching.

In some cases, it can still be worth switching as the saving will be greater than the charge.

Is switching suppliers complicated?

Switching suppliers with Business Energy Comparison is easy. Our team of experts take care of all the details to ensure a seamless switch with no interruptions.

We are on hand to support your needs every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help.

How does Business Energy Comparison get what it needs from an office postcode?

To save you from having to dig through old energy bills and complete a long and boring application, we simply ask for your postcode. We can then access industry-held data to get the information we need.

We use this information to get your business electricity and gas meter numbers and energy usage details. We are then able to get you the best quotes on the market.

After you see the quotes, we will provide you with expert advice to ensure you make the right decision.

Do bigger offices get better rates?

Not all bigger offices get better rates, but the more energy you use, the better bargaining power you have. In some cases, companies with multiple sites across the UK will be in a position to negotiate a better deal.

This is because larger companies can be worth a lot of money to energy companies. However, small and micro-businesses can still find great rates. By using our comparison tool, you will be able to find the most competitive rates on the market for your office energy needs.