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Leisure Centre Energy

Often operating around the clock, leisure centres and swimming pools require a massive amount of energy. Electrical equipment, swimming pool heating, and maintenance all contribute to a leisure centre’s significant energy bill.

This level of energy consumption is nothing new. However, these facts take on new importance in the face of rising energy prices. Is it possible to reduce energy consumption, or get a better price for the energy you require for your leisure centre?

Business Energy Comparison can help you find a more affordable deal. To power your leisure facility into the future, compare business gas and electricity prices.

The Main Areas of Energy Consumption in Leisure Centres

To provide exceptional leisure services, you need a considerable amount of energy. So much so that it puts some leisure centres in the lead as the most extensive facilities in the country for energy consumption.

Why is this? Because of the range of fitness machines that demand energy in abundance. Additionally, it’s now standard for fitness centres to remain open 24/7. This means they require twice as much energy as facilities that close their doors at night.

Specifically, leisure centres have colossal energy costs for the following reasons:

  • Exercise machines that need energy constantly – If you run a 24/7 gym, you need to keep all gym equipment on at all times. While there’s no guarantee it will be used through the night, there’s a big chance it’ll be used throughout the day. If your sports centre is popular at all hours, the price you pay for energy will be high.
  • Swimming pool cleaning: A filtration system needs to be active and on at all times. This is to keep the pool water clean and healthy. This filter needs the power to operate around the clock.
  • Swimming pool heating: Swimming pool heating accounts for a considerable amount of a leisure centre’s spending. If you’ve even just one or two swimming pools in your leisure centre, heating and ventilation can account for over half of your energy usage.
  • Lighting: To ensure the users of your centre remain safe, you need to have more than sufficient lighting throughout the premises. If your gym is busy for 24 hours straight, you need lighting on all the time.
  • Air conditioning: Air conditioning uses a considerable amount of power. It’s used to cool down your fitness suite or warm up the changing rooms.
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As the energy crisis continues, rising costs don’t show any signs of stopping. Swim England reported in November 2022 that over 100 pools across the country faced the threat of closure. It notes that the energy crisis is the leading cause. These figures forecast that up to 40% of council areas risk losing their pool and leisure centres.

With some centres facing a utility price hike of 200% (and the situation predicted only to worsen), now is the time to reconsider your energy costs.

Instead of accepting the price you’ve agreed to pay, why not let Business Energy Comparison assess your options? By providing us with a few simple business details, we’ll be able to find an array of energy alternatives for you. We can even handle the switching process for you!

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Save on Energy Bills

It’s essential to make your leisure facilities as energy efficient as possible. Lowering your carbon emissions and reducing your energy waste will obviously make paying your energy costs easier. However, there’s a point where making energy savings this way is no longer viable.

As a leisure facility owner, you owe it to your customers to provide a safe and secure environment for them. You also want to provide them with exceptional service in your leisure facilities. You need a high level of gas and electricity power to do so.

Instead of switching everything off, check your alternative energy options with Business Energy Comparison.

When is the Best Time to Switch Energy Providers for your Leisure Centre?

If you’ve been using the same energy provider for a while, chances are you’re being overcharged for what you’re getting. Energy suppliers make their money from people who don’t check for a better deal elsewhere. That’s why, at Business Energy Comparison, we encourage you to check regularly to see if a better deal is possible.

Typically, our clients attain the best deals six months before their current plan is due to be renewed. However, in this uncertain time for energy costs, any time is an excellent time to review your energy management.

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Why Use Us

We’re a trustworthy USP company and strive to make energy-saving possible for all our clients. Our mission is to inform people of alternative options to reduce their total energy costs. As the energy crisis continues, we believe our services are more valuable than ever. We don’t want to see leisure centres close.

Specifically, our services are used for the following reasons:

  • We’re easy: We don’t overcomplicate any aspect of the process. All you have to do is supply us with a few business details, and we’ll find you an appropriate match. Once you select an energy deal, we’ll also help you complete the switching process.
  • We’re well connected: We link clients with one of our 27 favourite energy suppliers. This includes E.On, SmartestEnergy, and EDF. We present each energy deal to you comprehensibly so that you can easily compare and contrast each offer.
  • We tick all the boxes: We can find a better electricity, water, and gas deal for your leisure centre.
  • We’re confident: We’re so sure that we can find you a better energy deal that we’ll give you £1,000 if we can’t beat your current renewal quote.
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How to Further Reduce Energy Bills for Your Leisure Centre

Implementing energy-saving measures may be difficult in a leisure centre, given their huge energy requirements. However, some measures can be put in place to reduce the energy consumption of a leisure centre. They include:

Installing variable-speed drives (VSDs) in your swimming pools

Variable-speed drives (VSDs) are fitted between the energy supply and the motor. They’re variable in that they can change the circulation rate of the pool based on how many customers are using it. Overnight or during quiet pool hours, the VSDs will feed less power to the motor. This means your pool uses less power and is, therefore, more energy efficient.

VSDs can be used to reduce the energy costs of your swimming pool by up to 50%.

Making your lighting system environmentally friendly

In some cases, lighting can total around 1/5th of a leisure centre’s entire energy costs. If you’re still using an old fluorescent tube lighting system, you should consider updating to LED. LED lighting can help reduce your energy bill significantly by providing around 90% better efficiency than fluorescent tube lighting.

Not only is LED better from an efficiency point of view, but it’s also a more comfortable light to work out in. For one, it offers far less glare than fluorescent tubes. Plus, you can easily connect LED lights to dimming features, allowing you to set your leisure facility to whatever lighting level you wish.

In addition to getting LED lights, we also recommend making your lighting system motion-sensored. If you support a huge fitness centre, it’s unlikely that all rooms will be in use at all times. With motion-sensor lights, lights are only on where they need to be.

Maintain your building better

Older leisure centres definitely require regular maintenance checks throughout. This includes checking the plumbing for leaks, the window and walls for draughts, and the air conditioning for faults. Sometimes the most significant loss of energy comes from carelessness. Simply fixing the problems that your building has could save you lots of money.

Although it may be costly, installing insulation and double-glazing could save you a fortune in the long run. By insulation, we mean both the walls as well as your pipework. Insulating your pipework would mean you won’t have to waste power constantly reheating water, as the water in the pipes stays warm.

Alternative energy sources

Although this will cost you a lot, making your centre more financially viable in the long run is worth it. Plus, by opting for more eco-friendly energy solutions, you’ll reduce your carbon emissions and make your centre greener.

The best energy-saving option would be to install solar panels. This way, your sports equipment could run solely on solar electricity. Alternatively, you could heat your facility using ground-source heat pumps. Thames Valley Athletics Centre (TVAC) made headlines in 2021 for replacing eight gas boilers with a single ground source heat pump.

Save money on leisure centre gas and electricity prices

Leisure centres are by far one of the biggest energy users of all public facilities. A leisure facility with an extensive gym and swimming pool will need a lot of electricity, gas, or solar power to run. Leisure centres and swimming pools will have suffered the most throughout the ongoing energy crisis.

100% energy efficiency may not be possible for some leisure facilities. However, getting a reduction in your energy bills certainly is. With us on your side, we can help you sift through the options and find an energy price that works for you. You don’t have to reduce your service or opening hours, you just have to use our services to find a better utility deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gas-heated swimming pool cheaper to run than an electric one?

Gas-powered heaters for swimming pools are more expensive to run than electric ones. Although electric ones are more expensive up front, they’re the cheapest option to maintain. Electric heaters are also more efficient and durable.

Can solar panels be used to heat swimming pools?

Swimming pools can be heated using solar panels. Although expensive upfront, solar panels are much more cost-effective than gas and electric heating options. In fact, they’ll reduce your costs more than an air source heat pump. Plus, solar panels are very low maintenance.