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Indoor Bowls Clubs Energy Prices

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Compare Energy Prices For Indoor Bowls Clubs

Indoor bowls clubs are much more than sports facilities. They’re the centre of many club members’ social lives; a community hub for big and small towns across the country. In the summer months, outdoor bowling clubs are used to their maximum. Luckily, they’re relatively low-maintenance and don’t require a lot of fuel to maintain.

When winter hits, however, bowls teams are forced to switch to indoor clubs.

Indoor bowling rinks offer social and fitness opportunities for senior citizens through the colder months. While this reduces isolation and loneliness, it increases the fuel spending of the clubs. Energy costs have increased massively over the past few years, and many clubs have suffered as a result.

If you’re the owner of an indoor bowls club and are struggling to meet the demands of rising energy costs, why not switch suppliers? Compare indoor bowls clubs’ energy prices on Business Energy Comparison.

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Throughout the winter, indoor bowling clubs are often open 7 days a week, and sometimes for entire days. During these long hours, lighting isn’t the only power requirement. Consistent heating is needed, especially from October through to March. Onsite catering facilities and toilets also need plenty of power in order to operate.

Before the energy crisis, many bowling clubs were struggling enough as it was to keep on top of these gas and electricity costs. The COVID-19 pandemic was the first major blow for the clubs, as the lockdowns caused membership levels to dwindle. Now, with the ongoing energy crisis, bowls clubs are once again under threat.

The response to increasing energy costs has been mixed. Some bowls clubs have decided to miss out on the current season to save money. Others have increased membership costs, while many are operating on reduced opening hours.

Generally, it has been a big blow for bowling communities across the country. Both small and big business sports facilities have suffered.

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Indoor Bowls Club Energy And Utility Prices

Some relief from these high prices has been granted by the Energy Bill Relief Scheme. While this has provided some degree of support for bowls clubs and other sporting facilities, it isn’t as helpful as a price cap.

All it does is offer discounts, meaning that bowls clubs could still be charged extortionate prices for their gas and electricity. It doesn’t offer any practical means for bowls facilities to save money.

The Energy Bill Relief Scheme is scheduled to be replaced by the Energy Bills Discount Scheme. This means that bowls clubs will receive some form of continued support into the foreseeable future. Still, the energy crisis could go on indefinitely, meaning bowls clubs will continue to face unaffordable business gas and electricity costs.

So, the best long-term solution to the energy crisis would be to find a better price for your business fuel.

How Can We Help Businesses In the Sporting Industry?

We can help you save time and money when it comes to switching energy suppliers for your indoor bowling club. If you’re worried about the increasing price of fuel, but don’t have time to search for an alternative supplier, we can help you find the best price for your energy.

Not only can we narrow down your supplier options, but we can also help you switch. We’re affiliated with the best energy suppliers in the country, from Opus Energy to E.on. Whether you need to reduce your gas, electricity, or water spending, we can help you find better deals for all your business utilities.

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Not only is reducing your club’s carbon footprint important for the environment, but it can also save you money on your bowling centre energy bills, too. By switching to more energy-efficient means of powering your club, you’ll rely less on power from the grid.

If you can prove to your new energy provider that you’ve implemented eco-friendly initiatives, they’ll potentially offer you a better energy deal. Plus, if you can continue to prove to your supplier that you’re using less energy throughout the year, your billing is likely to be reduced further.

To make your bowling club more energy efficient, try these tips:

Solar panels

Solar panels may be a huge investment to make, but they definitely provide you with long-term energy savings. If you’ve got several bowling rinks to provide power for, you need an energy-efficient solution.

Doncaster Bowls Club recently installed 50 kW solar panels on the roof of their club. This has reduced their carbon footprint massively. It also ensures that the club will save around £230,000 over the next 20 years in energy costs.

While you’d need plenty of money to cover the initial costs, a solar panel installation would make you less reliant on power from the grid. Over time, the amount of money you save will pay for the solar panels several times over.


One of the biggest costs of keeping your bowling club running through the winter is heating. Given that indoor bowling greens take place inside a large hall, it can sometimes be difficult to heat this space effectively and efficiently. If you struggle to keep the hall warm enough, you should consider investing in quality insulation.

Check the walls of your bowling club and see if they could do with extra insulation. Also, consider making your exit doors automatic, to ensure that they are kept closed when not in use. All of this would contribute to ensuring the maximum amount of heat is kept indoors. With that, you’ll be able to turn your boiler off more often.

Low heating

Even with insulation, you’ll likely have to turn on the heating occasionally. When you do, make sure it’s set to a moderate, eco-friendly temperature. The ideal temperature depends entirely on the size of your hall. However, setting it somewhere in the region of 20ºC should be sufficient.

Half-hour meter reading

If you don’t use your bowling club every day, investing in a half-hour meter reading could be a good idea. Half-hour meter readings are designed to provide your energy supplier with a more accurate idea of how much energy you’re spending.

Instead of sending your supplier a meter reading once a month, a half-hour meter reader sends updates once every half hour. This allows your supplier to better understand how much energy you use from day to day. With a better idea of your spending, your provider will be able to offer you a price that more accurately reflects your usage.

Energy-efficient lighting

One surefire way of saving money would be to invest in energy-efficient lighting. Your indoor bowling club is likely required to have lighting on all day. Normally, the indoor bowling green is in a big hall. This green runs about 40 metres on each side. In addition to this, you’ve got observation spaces running in front of each side of the green.

Regardless of how much spectator space you’ve got, all indoor bowling halls are expansive. You need plenty of lighting to keep the game visible and the players safe. So, you need to make sure your lights are as energy efficient as possible.

If you haven’t already, you need to make the switch to LED lighting. LED lighting is around 80% more energy efficient than fluorescent lighting. This is because 95% of the energy used goes into the actual lights, with an energy wastage of just 5%.

They also require less energy to run, which increases their lifespan far beyond that of fluorescent bulbs. LEDs can last as long as 100,000 hours, while some fluorescent bulbs don’t even last for a quarter of that amount of time.

Presence detectors

Installing presence detectors will ensure that lights switch off automatically when you leave the bowling hall, bathroom, or catering space. This way, even if someone forgets to turn the light off, you won’t be charged extra for lost energy.

At the same time, you’re providing yourself and your members with a safe level of lighting whenever it’s needed. Club members won’t have to worry about locating light switches, as they’ll come on automatically.

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Securing Your Business Energy Contract

In the current energy crisis, it’s difficult to find a supplier that’s willing to find you a better fuel deal. Not only that, but it’s difficult to find quality energy suppliers at all.

Business Energy Comparison takes care of all the difficult work for you. We’ll act on your behalf to find the best prices for you, and work to get the best deal for your facility. Whether you need business electricity or gas suppliers, let us help you out.

Compare Indoor Bowls Club Energy Prices With Business Energy Comparison

Whether you want to compare SME business energy or large business energy, we have your back. We’ve helped several sporting facilities switch energy providers since the start of the fuel crisis. We can use our experience and contacts to find the ultimate deal for your bowls club.

You can get a free, non-commital quote from us today. So, even if you just want to browse the options that are available to you, you can do so with Business Energy Comparison. All you have to do is provide your club’s postcode and the details of your current energy supplier.

We’ll quickly find the best energy suppliers in the country and present you with a list of the ones that fit your needs best.

This includes energy options from the following suppliers:

Once you choose whichever deal works best for you, we can help you complete the application process and help oversee your energy switch!

Save money today by comparing prices with Business Energy Comparison!

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Final Thoughts

Indoor bowls clubs are at the heart of many communities in the U.K. While they’re still massively popular, this popularity may not be enough to keep them going throughout the continuing energy crisis. What many bowling club owners don’t realise is that they’re paying over the odds for fuel – i.e., gas, electricity, and water.

No matter how bad the fuel crisis gets, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to your energy bill. Use Business Energy Comparison to find a better energy deal today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the cost of energy go down for indoor bowls clubs in the UK?

International gas prices have continued to fluctuate over 2022 and the start of 2023. This has made it difficult to predict what the future holds for sports facilities in terms of gas and other utility pricing. From this point, it’s safe to assume that utilities will continue to be on the higher end in terms of pricing.

Why have gas and electricity costs increased for bowls clubs?

The ongoing fuel crisis has put a serious strain on many sports facilities, including indoor bowls clubs. Unlike domestic properties, no fuel price limit has been set for sports facilities and businesses. This has led to many sports centres, retail businesses, and food and entertainment venues closing down.

There are several reasons why we’re currently experiencing a fuel crisis. This ranges from the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Across Europe and beyond, the price of wholesale power has increased. This has had a knock-on effect on energy suppliers and the businesses they supply to.

How can a bowls club raise money to pay for fuel?

Besides reducing its energy use, there are several initiatives that a bowls club can implement to make fuel costs more affordable.

While you don’t want to increase the costs of memberships too much, doing so could help see your club through the energy crisis. Additionally, your club could host several fundraising events that members would want to get behind.