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Discover whether you could be saving on what you pay for your pub’s gas and electricity. See the best deals from UK suppliers with Business Energy Comparison.

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Save Money on Pub Energy Costs Today

There are just under 40,000 pubs across England and Wales. Although this number has dropped over the past decade, they still remain a cornerstone of communities and a treasured British institution. However, running them can be challenging – especially when it comes to managing energy bills.

It makes sense to boost the amount of savings you can make on your pub running costs. How do you go about this? By making a comparison with us! The Business Energy Comparison tool will help you identify the best pub energy deals on the market. This could help you potentially save up to 45% on your pub gas prices and business electriicty comparison.

You just need to provide a few details – namely the name and location of your pub, and a little bit about your current energy use. Leave the rest to our experts – we’ll compile a list of better deals quicker than you can pull a pint!

Business Energy comparison

Pub running costs are high. Pubs across the UK have felt the pain of high energy prices – whether it’s the price of beer, food, entertainment, tenancy agreements, gas or electricity.

Global wholesale prices have contributed significantly to bills rising to record levels. Businesses aren’t protected by the Ofgem energy price cap, which means any sudden spikes in the wholesale market leave establishments, like pubs, exposed to steeper bills.

Pubs are also uniquely affected by the fact roughly 10% of their energy consumption is spent solely on keeping drinks cool. Additional gas bottles (carbon dioxide and nitrogen) are needed to dispense carbonated drinks (i.e., beer or soft drinks). It all adds up very quickly.

However, that doesn’t mean that a better deal that could really benefit the pub you run isn’t out there. There is always a chance there’s a supplier out there that can help you save – whether you’re a local independent or part of a bigger, nationwide chain.

See if you could reduce your pub running costs. Make a pub energy comparison today.

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Are Pubs Eligible for the Energy Support Relief Scheme?

Yes, from 1 October 2022 through till 31 March 2023, wholesale gas and electricity will be discounted for all non-domestic (i.e., commercial) customers under the Energy Bill Relief Scheme. This includes pubs.

The level of support available will vary from pub to pub – energy contract type and individual situation will play a part in determining this. The Government has provided a support price of £211 per megawatt-hour (MWh) on electricity, and £75 per MWh on gas.

It’ll apply to all those on fixed contracts agreed on or after 1 April 2022. If you’re on a deemed, variable or flexible pub energy contract, you’ll also be able to get support.

Energy Saving Tips for Pubs

What can you do to reduce the price of your pub’s electricity usage and gas costs?

1.) You should realistically have thermostats installed throughout your pub. These should be installed in different parts of the building – depending on its size. They also shouldn’t be positioned in areas susceptible to naturally hot or cold areas – i.e., the beer garden door or by your kitchen.

Having these thermostats in place will help you to regulate the temperature more effectively. There’s a sweet spot of between 20°C and 22°C – anything above that and you’ll be wasting money on heating you don’t necessarily need.

2.) It’s been estimated that around a quarter of a pub’s electricity consumption is attributed to lighting. The best way to reduce these consumption levels is by switching to LED lighting where possible. LED lighting is far more energy efficient and will help you to keep your bills down. Automatic lighting controls can also be incredibly useful.

3.) Does your pub have a well-insulated cellar? This is typically where all the beer and soft drinks kegs or stored. So, naturally, it has to be kept to a cool temperature – of around 11°C to 13°C. If your hatches or doors are allowing cool air to escape, or you’re keeping equipment that produces lots of heat down there, you could be having to overcool the space to compensate.

Even if you’re overcooling by just 1°C, you could be boosting the rate of keeping your cellar cool by as much as 10%. It’s important to make sure the space is totally fit for its purpose.

Business Energy comparison

Bring Your Pub Electricity and Gas Bills Down and Save £1000s. Compare business energy suppliers now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch my pub’s energy supplier?

Yes, absolutely! You need to make sure you’re approaching the switching window – this will be the earliest point at which you can start to look at pub gas prices and electricity rates from other suppliers on the market. It’s worth checking the timescales, as they can differ from supplier to supplier, however, the switching window typically starts 90 days before your contract end date.

Getting a quote featuring the best pub energy deals for your establishment is easy with Business Energy Comparison. Simply put your details into our tool and leave the rest to us. We’ll scour the market for those better deals that could help you save money.

Am I on the correct pub electricity or gas tariff?

This is something we can help with. Our experts can assess your historic pub’s energy consumption and billing and help you determine which type of tariff is best for your pub.

What is the average pub’s running costs?

To give you a rough idea, we’ve created the below chart, which details the type of pub, its estimated turnover and the percentage of its utilities to weekly turnover.

Small community turnover 4,0004.8
Community wet-led 5,0004.6
Community wet-led 8,0004,0
Community wet-led12,0003.1
Rural character 5,0005.4
Rural character 8,0004.4
Town centre pub/bar10,0003.8
Town/country food-led15,0004.5
Town/country food-led10,0003.8