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Car Garage Energy and Utilities

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Discover whether you could be saving on what you pay for your car garages gas and electricity. See the best deals from UK suppliers with Business Energy Comparison.

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Save Money on Car Garage Energy Costs Today

The rising cost of energy in the UK has affected many small and large businesses. Car garages are feeling the impact of rising energy costs in two ways.

The first is having to pay rising utility and energy bills as well as covering other essential costs and expenses.

The second is the impact on their customer base. Rising energy costs are impacting homes across the UK as well as businesses. This results in people looking at how they can save money, and this may mean putting off car repairs or giving up cars completely.

Our quick and easy business energy comparison service can help garages make significant savings on energy and utilities. Keep reading to learn more about the services we provide and for some great energy-saving tips.

Business Energy comparison

As we have already mentioned, the rising cost of commercial and domestic energy prices is impacting many UK businesses.

Garages require significant amounts of energy to trade. Because of this, it is essential that they ensure they are with the supplier that best suits their needs.

Car garages’ energy and utilities are a great place to start for businesses looking to save money. The Energy Bill Relief Scheme was implemented to help small and medium-sized businesses to cope with rising energy bills.

The initial implementation of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme was for six months. However, the Independent Garage Association states that this may need to be extended.

The aim of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme was to fix wholesale energy prices for gas at £75 per MWh and £211 per MWH for electricity.

The Independent Garage Association is lobbying for greater support for garages. However, independent garages can implement their own changes in the interim.

This includes shopping around for the best business electricity rates and business gas prices on the market.

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How To Save Your Car Garage Money On Energy Bills

Saving money on car garage energy bills is essential to many businesses. Finding ways to reduce the cost of electric utilities has never been as important. This is because of the rising cost of energy and the rising popularity of electric vehicles.

Contacting individual energy suppliers for quotes can be extremely time-consuming. You will then have the inconvenience of having to sort through the quotes to find the best deal for you. Quite often, there is more to finding the best supplier than just the rates.

Business Energy Comparison is in a great position to offer a solution. We can help car garages find and compare business gas and electricity prices quickly and easily.

How To Save Money On Your Car Garage Electricity Bill

As well as saving money by finding the best rates, there are other steps that can be taken to cut costs.

If you want to save money on your car garage electricity bill, take a look at the following tips:

Switch Machines Off From Standby

Garages rely heavily on essential machinery to carry out tasks and repairs. Ensuring this machinery is switched off rather than left on standby can help to reduce electricity costs.

This is because appliances can use as much as 16% of the energy they would when operational to remain on standby. This can lead to unnecessarily high electricity bills.

If the garage has a separate office area for paperwork, insulating this will help to protect it from losing heat and reduce energy wastage.

Explore Lighting Solutions

Good lighting is essential to safe working in a garage setting. Ensuring lights aren’t on in areas not being used can reduce costs.

It is also possible to explore LED lighting as this can still produce great light without using as much energy.

Ensure Machines Are In Good Working Order

Good energy efficiency will also rely on the machines being used. In the case of compressors, they must be regularly checked and lubricated to ensure all moving parts are in good condition. Maintenance including emptying water separators and changing air filters will also be required.

Business Energy comparison

Saving money on your car garage gas bill will typically revolve around heating. The following tips should help reduce energy waste and ensure your bills are as low as possible:

Close Doors When It Is Safe

Many garages are left relatively open during working hours for convenience. This makes it easier to move vehicles and ensures areas are well-ventilated.

While keeping doors open is often necessary, closing them whenever it is safe to do so can minimise heat loss.

Insulate Office Walls

Garages often need large doors to be open for vehicles to come and go. Garages also require adequate ventilation for safe working conditions. This can result in any heat being lost quickly.

Insulating areas such as offices or customer waiting areas can reduce heat loss and help save on heating bills.

Ensure Heating Is Only Used When Needed

Setting heating for office space when you are most likely to be in there is important. There is no point in heating an empty room. If you do more paperwork at certain times of the day, try to plan around this.

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Average Electricity Consumption For A Car Garage

The average electricity consumption for a car garage will be dependent on a number of factors. These include:

  • Garage Size
  • Number of Employees
  • Range of Services

A typical car garage will be relatively small with under 10 employees. They will focus on basic repairs and MOTs.

There are also larger chain garages in operation that employ significantly more employees. Specialist garages that also offer painting or other services will also have different needs.

A small garage might find its electricity use somewhere between 15,000 kWh to 25,000 kWh. Medium-sized businesses average from 25,000 kWh to 50,000 kWh.

Average Gas Consumption For A Car Garage

Like electricity consumption, the average gas consumption will be affected by the size of the garage and amount of employees. Some larger garages also offer customer waiting areas and facilities.

Customer waiting areas will have to be kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. Larger garages may also have dedicated office staff. If this is the case, the offices will also have heating requirements.

Smaller garages may find their gas consumption from 15,000 kWh to 30,000 kWh. Slightly larger, medium-sized car garage businesses might have gas consumption levels of 30,000 kWh to 65,000 kWh.

Business Energy comparison

Business Energy Comparison Solutions

Car garages will be keeping a close eye on government-extended plans in the near future. This is in regard to their initiative to fix wholesale energy prices. This will provide energy security to the auto industry and may help to protect jobs.

Failure to do this may result in prices significantly rising and affordable services diminishing.

In the meantime, car garages can rely on Business Energy Comparison to help find the best energy rates on the market.

We do the hard work by exploring some of the biggest names in the power sector to bring you a range of quotes in minutes. The time and effort saved by exploring our services will allow you to concentrate on your day-to-day business.

Our team of experts will support you every step of the way by providing a great range of quotes. We will then be on hand to offer any advice you need before helping you switch suppliers without interruption.

All you need to do is enter your business postcode. We then use industry information to get the details we need to provide detailed quotes.

We can help find the best price for electricity, gas, and utilities in the UK. We are on hand to offer additional support to large, medium, and small businesses that want to save money.

By using our comparison services, you could save as much as 45% on your energy bills!

Final Thoughts

Finding ways to save money amidst rising costs is essential for all businesses. Car garages rely on machinery to carry out essential checks and repairs, so finding competitive rates should be a priority.

Finding the time to contact energy suppliers and then sort through all the quotes to find the best deal can be challenging. However, Business Energy Comparison is in the perfect position to help!

We have access to a number of the UK’s best energy suppliers. Our team of experts is also on hand to offer any additional support that is needed.

We help from start to finish and take the hassle out of switching energy suppliers. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you make significant savings on your energy and utility bills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will rising energy prices affect garages?

Yes, rising commercial and domestic energy prices will affect car garages. This is because the price of services may have to rise to meet running costs. This can have an adverse reaction on the customer base who also face rising costs.

In turn, this may result in customers looking elsewhere or putting off repairs or MOTs. MOTs are required to keep UK vehicles roadworthy, so this can be very dangerous.

Searching for low energy prices can help garages maintain their pricing and save families money.

How does energy security protect jobs?

Energy security can be provided by the government. Garages finding competitive business energy rates is also essential. It can protect jobs by saving garages money and ensuring they are able to run a profitable business.

Using our energy comparison tool will help you discover competitive rates. Following our energy efficiency tips can also help garages save money amidst uncertain times.

Do I have to provide previous bills to compare suppliers?

All we need to provide you with competitive quotes is your business address. We can then use industry-held information to find out who your current supplier is and your energy use. This minimises the time and hassle needed to find the best energy rates on the market.

Will there be a gap in my energy supply when I switch suppliers?

There will not be a gap in your energy supply when switching suppliers. We will take care of all the hard work by arranging things with your current and new suppliers, and you can carry on as normal.

Can car garages use green energy suppliers?

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you will be able to explore a selection of green energy suppliers. They use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels to offer an environmentally friendly way to power your business.

This can be a great way to attract new customers, especially those with electric vehicles. EV sales are projected to grow in the near future. They are seen as a great way to save families money and travel in a more environmentally friendly way.

Car owners may look for businesses that share a similar ethos, so finding green energy suppliers can be great for PR.