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Guaranteed Energy Renewal

Terms & Conditions

Business Energy Comparison’s “Guaranteed Energy Renewal Saving” will save you money on the initial renewal contract offered by your current supplier for the gas and/ or electricity of your business on 1,2 or 3-year terms. Should the initial renewal quote from your existing supplier be cheaper than the agreement secured through Business Energy Comparison, you will be paid up to £1000.

  • We’ll aim to beat the forecast annual cost of any 1, 2 or 3-year fixed electricity or gas initial renewal offer, based on the annual consumption that you provide to us. Where we decide not to offer a lower priced plan, we’ll pay up to £1000 per customer. The promotion is open to new customers of Business Energy Comparison who are small or medium enterprises and excludes any other promotion offered by a competing supplier, e.g. cashback. Your energy tariff or fixed price contract must be in the renewal window. If we can’t beat the price you tell us and you’d like to claim the £1000 promotion, we’ll need to see the competing initial supplier renewal offer either in writing or by email issued by your existing supplier. The contract start date must be within 120 days of the date on the renewal letter or email. The renewal letter or email must be dated after the date that a contract was agreed upon through Business Energy Comparison. Any renewal offer received prior to the agreed date does not qualify.
  • We’ll review our offer and the competing offer from your existing supplier using the information you provide to us such as your annual consumption as well as any additional costs or charges you’ll pay in the competing offer over the contract period, e.g. distribution/transportation, VAT, Climate Change Levy (CCL) or CCL equivalent charge and government environmental charges or costs. If the competing offer is for a 2 or 3-year term, we’ll use the same annual consumption for each year.
  • All details of the property and decision-maker must be like for like on the quotes gained from Business Energy Comparison. If the customer is unable to take the cheapest rate offered by our consultants the “Guaranteed Energy Renewal Saving” offer will not apply.
  • The promotion is available to small and medium enterprises with less than 10 non-half hourly electricity or non-daily metered gas sites who use more than 20,000 kWh of electricity or 20,000 kWh Gas annually and less than 1,000,000kWh of electricity or 1,500,000kWh of gas annually per meter. Alternative offers through third-party intermediaries are not eligible for this promotion. Any offer of a contract is subject to a credit check. If we can’t beat the initial renewal offer sent in writing from the current supplier, then we’ll send a £1000 cheque made out to the business name within 28 days, following receipt of the written/email offer and of our declining to beat the offer from your existing supplier.
  • The “Guaranteed Energy Renewal Saving” is up to the value of £1,000. The price guarantee value will be calculated by the annual cost difference between your agreed contract with Business Energy Comparison and your initial renewal offer from your current supplier.
  • Business Energy Comparison has the right to withdraw or amend the “Guaranteed Energy Renewal Saving” offer at any time.
  • All contractual agreements offered are subject to a credit check.