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Our Guide To Multi Site Energy Meters

If you have multiple sites for your business, or if your energy usage is so high that you need more than one meter, you might need to get multiple energy contracts. This can present its own problems for you and your business but Business Energy Comparison are here to help.

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Having multiple business energy contracts can add to your business costs and to your administrative duties. You’ll have to keep track of different contract renewal dates and renegotiate to make sure you keep paying the best rates.

If you switch to a multi-site energy meter, you can make dealing with your energy needs easier. There is also the potential to significantly reduce business energy costs by getting a better business energy contract.

What is a Multi-Site Meter?

A multi-site meter will measure the energy consumption at multiple business sites at the same time. It removes the need to have an energy meter at each site with its own energy contract.

The meter would be under a multi-site contract that will cover the billing for multiple locations.

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Is installing a multi-site meter the best idea for your business? Will switching over actually make a difference? Is getting a multi-site meter actually worth it?

If the answer is still unclear to you, consider whether or not your business falls into any of the following categories:

Businesses with high energy demand

Businesses that have high energy demand might have multiple meters across one site. This can also become a headache and make it hard to assess your energy usage. Switching to multi-site energy management will simplify your life.

Businesses that operate across multiple sites

Businesses that operate across multiple sites will benefit from having multi-site energy management. It will be simpler to keep track of one contract rather than several and to remember one renewal date.

Businesses with multiple contracts

If you have multiple contracts to deal with your energy for any reason, getting a multi-site contract will be beneficial.

In all of these cases, it’s a simple way to save both time and money. Start your business electricty comparison and business gas comparison now!

Benefits of Multi-Site Energy Meters

Switching to a multi-site energy contract comes with some benefits that make the idea worth considering. Whether or not you’ll reap the benefits of multi-site meters is dependent on the deals that will be available to you. This depends on a few factors:

  • The size of your business.
  • The number of employees you have.
  • When you use your energy and how you use it.
  • Which industry you work in.
  • Where in the country your business is located.

There are also the general benefits of switching over:

Keeping better track of contracts

If you have energy meters in multiple locations, there’s a high chance that they’re all with different energy suppliers and for different rates. Keeping up with multiple contracts can be overwhelming as you have to make sure you know the renewal date for each one. You’ll also have to renegotiate or look for a better energy deal when the time comes.

Having a multi-site energy contract consolidates all of these potential energy bills into one. This makes it easier for you to keep track of how much you’re paying.

Having one renewal date

If you drop the ball with your contract and renewal date, you can find yourself paying through the nose for your energy going forward.

With just one renewal date to keep track of, you can prepare yourself and find the best energy deals.

Save on business energy bills

Aside from saving valuable time, these meters can also save you money. Business energy suppliers might offer you multi-site deals that can reduce your energy costs.

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How to Switch to a Multi-Site Meter

If you decide to get a multi-site meter for your business, you’ll need to have the new meter installed. You’ll have to go through your supplier to get this done.

However, if you have multiple energy contracts, it can make this tricky. You’ll have to deal with each supplier individually and see what multi-site energy deals they have to offer. This will undoubtedly be time-consuming and potentially confusing as you compare business energy prices.

Allow us to simplify the process for you and do the hard work. We have access to top suppliers and the power to negotiate the best multi-site energy deals.

Our team can get you the best energy deals on multi-site energy contracts. We create custom quotes based on your gas and electricity needs by comparing multi-site deals from the country’s top energy suppliers.

Even better, we’ll handle the switch for you! Making the process easy and hassle-free.

Different types of multi-site energy contracts

There are different types of energy contracts that you can get for your energy needs. The right contract will depend on your specific business energy needs.


A fixed contract comes with a fixed rate for your contract’s duration. Your business energy supplier charges you a set rate for every kWh you use. This type of contract protects you from any increase in business energy prices. It also means that you won’t benefit from any drops in market prices.

This tariff doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to have lower bills. That will still be dependent on your usage each month.


With a variable rate contract, the rate you pay will fluctuate according to fluctuations in market prices. This means that your bills could increase, even if you’re still using the same amount of energy as the month before.

Blend and extend

Depending on your energy supplier, you could be offered a contract that gives you the option to extend your contract. In return, the supplier will reward you with lower energy rates.

Flex approach

With this type of contract, you’re given the option of buying power or energy for months or years ahead at wholesale rates. This opportunity is usually offered when rates are low.

Pass through

With this energy deal, your energy bills are split between fixed wholesale energy costs and other elements that comprise unit rates.

Deemed & Out Of Contract

This is one of a supplier’s most expensive contract rates, as it’s technically out-of-contract. You’ll have deemed rates if you move into a new location without agreeing to a contract.

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Avoid Lapsed Contracts

Having multiple contracts may not seem like a significant issue, but letting any of them lapse can result in being placed on “deemed rates.” There are typically higher prices and can be more expensive than contract rates.

Having multiple sites increases the likelihood of a contract lapse. To prevent this, using multi-site meters and consolidating energy renewals with one supplier on the same date can be helpful!

Compare multi site energy for business

Maintaining multiple meters across multiple business locations can be a drain on both your time and your finances. Compare multi site energy to make your life easier and help you find the best energy rates for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which utilities can I get multi-site business energy meters for?

You can get multi-site meters for gas and electricity. You can use switching over as an opportunity to combine your gas and electricity meters. Whether or not you can get the two under one meter will depend on your business energy usage.

Which business energy suppliers offer multi-site contracts?

Most energy suppliers will offer the option of multi-site meters. You have to enquire with your energy supplier to find out if they do and what rates they have.

How do I combine multi-site contracts?

Contact us and let our team guide you through the process to help you find the best business energy tariffs.

Do I need a large business to get multi-site meters?

Your business doesn’t need to be large for you to get multi-site energy meters. You just need to have more than one site that uses business energy.

However, if you have a large business, we can help you find the best energy deals to help you significantly reduce business costs.

How do I know which energy contract is right for my business?

Which contract works best for you is dependent on a few factors, such as the size of your business and how much energy you use.