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Business Energy Comparison Guides

Business Energy Comparison has helped many clients compare business energy prices and make significant savings on their utilities – from large firms with multiple sites across the UK to local, independent organizations.

Learn more about business utilities using our guides below.

How Much Energy Do Small Businesses Use?
Our Guide To Multi-Site Energy Meters
Types Of Business Energy Contracts
Winter Energy Saving Tips
Cooling Off Period For Business Energy Contracts
Common Myths About Net Zero Carbon Emissions
How Do Standing Charges Work On Business Energy Contracts?
Should I Fix My Energy Prices Until 2024?
Understanding Non-Commodity Costs
Energy Efficiency Grants for Business
Does The Energy Price Cap Apply To Businesses?
Smart Meters For Business
What Is The Warm Home Discount?
How Long Can An Energy Supplier Backdate An Energy Bill?
When Can’t You Switch Energy Suppliers?
What Is The Standing Charge On Energy Bills?
Energy Bill Relief Scheme Explained
Out Of Contract And Deemed Rates
What Is The VAT On Energy Bills?
What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Energy Bills?
What Is The Climate Change Levy?
Why Are Energy Prices Rising?
Business Energy Prices Per kWh
Energy Saving Tips for Businesses
Is electricity cheaper at night?
Which energy suppliers have ceased trading?
What is a utility bill?
MPAN and MPRN Numbers Explained
Should I fix my energy prices until 2023?
What is a letter of authority?
What Is Ofgem?
Half Hourly Meters Explained
Who Is My Gas And Electricity Supplier?
When Do Business Water Rates Increase?
Everything You Need To Know About Business Energy Audits
A Complete Guide To Solar Panels
What Is Voltage Optimisation And Will It Benefit My Business?
What Are Direct Debit Energy Bills And How Do They Work For My Business?
Business Energy Contract Termination
What Is Faster Switching?
How Much Energy Does An Average Restaurant Use Every Year?
What Counts as a Utility Bill and What Are Utilities?
How To Prepare For The End Of The Energy Bill Relief Scheme?
How To Choose A Reputable Energy Broker
What Is An Average Household’s Electricity Consumption?
Temporary Builders Supply Explained
What Is The Energy Bill Discount Scheme?
When Is The Best Time To Switch Business Energy Suppliers?
Business Insulation Guide
How Is Energy Bought And Sold And How Does This Affect Prices?
How Much Energy Does An Average Gym Use?
How Much Energy Does A Hotel Use?
What Are The Types Of Energy Contracts?
What Is The Microbusiness Strategic Review (MSR)?
Does My Credit Score Affect My Business Energy?
What Is P272?
Why Compare Business Energy Tariffs
What Industries Consume the Most Energy?
How To Read Your Meter And Submit A Meter Reading?
How To Save Energy In The Office?
How Much Energy Does The Average Church Use?
Who Are The Best Business Energy Suppliers?
How Much Energy Does An Average Car Garage Use?
Summer Energy Saving Tips
When Can You Switch Business Energy Suppliers?
What Is A Conductor And Why Are They Important?
What Is Economy 7 And Economy 10?
What Is The Average Household Energy Usage?
Price Of 1 MWh Of Electricity In 2023
How To Compare Microbusiness Energy Rates
Business Energy For Retail Shops
What Are Prepayment Meters?
How Is The Energy Crisis Impacting Businesses?
What Is Carbon Offsetting?
Setting Up Gas And Electricity In A New Home
Electric Radiators Vs Storage Heaters
When A Fixed Contract Isn’t Fixed
How To Make Your Business More Energy Efficient
How to Reduce Your Business Gas Bill
Which Appliances Use The Most Energy In Your Business?
How to Reduce Small Business Energy Prices
Average Business Energy Consumption
When Will My Business Energy Prices Drop?
Average Business Energy Consumption Of A Call Centre
What Is The Energy Price Guarantee (EPG)?
Cutting Holiday Home Energy Costs
Is Your Business Energy Supplier Overcharging You?
What Is A Business Water Audit?
Average Energy Consumption of a Large Industrial Business
What Are Third-Party Costs?
What’s An Erroneous Transfer?
What Does A Smart Meter Look Like?
What Is A Smart Water Meter?
Which Business Energy Suppliers Have Gone Bust?
What Is a Small Business?
Will Economy 7 Be Phased Out In 2023?
What Is A Borehole Water Supply?
Who Is My Water Supplier?
Start-up Grants For Small Businesses
Why Is Electricity So Expensive? 
Is Space-Based Solar Power The Future?
What Is The Best Time To Use Electricity?
What is kWh, kW and kVA?
Is Natural Gas Renewable?
What Is Corporation Tax And How Does It Affect Your Business
A Comprehensive Guide To Energy Storage
How Do I Calculate My Business Energy Usage?
Will Energy Prices Go Down In 2024?
What is the VAT on your business water bill?
Demand flexibility service for business
Everything you need to know about water meters
Business Water Rates Increase 2023
Cleancrete: What is low-carbon concrete?
What is the BEIS?
What are Power Purchase Agreements?
What are Agrivoltaic Farms?
Business Water Bills Explained
Are business water rates cheaper than domestic?
What is the Green Gas Levy?
How to find your MPAN/MPRN energy meter numbers
Wholesale Energy Prices Explained
Should I Fix My Energy Prices Until 2025?