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SME Business Energy Comparison

Your Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) could make substantial savings on its business energy. Compare small business energy prices now.
You can benefit from:
  • The best energy deals for small businesses
  • Tailored small business energy quotes, in minutes
  • Free comparison of the UK’s top SME suppliers
  • Expert advice on switching

Compare business energy suppliers, including:

Business Energy Quotes – in Minutes

Business energy prices are rising and it’s more important than ever to secure the best deal for your business energy suppliers for you and handle the entire switching process.
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Business Gas

Access live business gas prices in the market in a few simple steps. We can save you up to 45% on your business gas bills.

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Business Electricity

Let us help you significantly reduce your business electricity bills, we can get you the best business electricity quotes within the market.

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Business Energy

Comparing business energy prices and rates couldn’t be easier! We’re trusted by the UK’s leading energy suppliers, get your free business energy quote now.

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Business Water

Choosing a business water supplier can be complicated. We’re here to help you understand your water bill and compare water suppliers.

New & Existing Businesses

Whether you are a new or existing business, we can help you save on your business energy bills. We have access to a variety of competitive prices across the market and will help you find the right deal for you.

New & Existing Businesses

SME & Large Corporates

We know that no two businesses are the same! Business Energy comparison consultants are experts in identifying your individual requirements and finding the best energy solution for your business.

SME & Large Corporates

Meter Connections & Installations

Meter Connections & Installations

Industries & Sectors

We work with a huge variety of sectors across the Uk from sports clubs, care homes, warehousing and much more! No matter the size of your business, we can help you save on your business utilities. Energy contracts are simple by utilising our supplier relationships to tender for the best rates.

Industries & Sectors

Renewable & Green

Are you looking at taking sustainable action and boosting your green credentials? Compare the most competitive green business energy quotes for your business.

Renewable & Green

How to compare small business energy prices

01 Tell business energy comparison where your energy is supplied

Simply provide the name of your business and the address of your premises. The tool will use this information to search industry databases to identify your meter number and your current supplier and tariff, as well as how much gas you’re using.

02 Identify the best SME energy deal from your quote

You’ll receive your free small business energy quote in less time than it takes to boil the kettle. The tool only provides the best deals tailored to the needs of your organisation. The prices are based on the latest rates and tariffs offered by suppliers. So, this means everything you see is accurate and up-to-date.

03 Happy to switch? Let the experts mange your switch

When you’ve found an SME energy supplier and tariff that works for you, you’ve signed a contract and agreed on a switching date, you can leave the rest to the experts. They’ll ensure a seamless transition, from old to new, and without any disruption to your business gas and electricity supply. It means you can focus on what you do best – running your business!

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Getting the best SME energy price for your business

Every penny matters. Save up to 45% if you compare energy prices for your small business, offering a potential operational cash saving of hundreds or thousands of pounds. With an energy price comparison, you could also:

  • Determined whether a switch or a renewal could save you the most.
  • Avoid being put on a costly out- of contract rate by your existing supplier.
  • Stay clear of expensive rollover deals
  • Find out if a green SME energy deal works out cheaper
  • Identify SME energy suppliers with high levels of customer service

Choosing the right small business energy supplier

Reaching the end of your existing contract? It’s important to compare business gas prices and explore your business electricity comparison options from across the market in order to get the very best deal. If you don’t compare your renewal quote, you could potentially miss out on an amazing deal!

These are just some of the factors to look out for when comparing your small business energy quotes:

Business Energy Comparison - Unit Rates Icon
Unit Rate
Business Energy Comparison - Standing Charge Icon
Standing Charge
Business Energy Comparison - Customer Service Scores Icon
Customer Service Scores
Business Energy Comparison - Unit Rates Icon
Tariff Types
Business Energy Comparison - Energy Fuel Mix
Energy fuel mix

Some energy suppliers offer standing charge-free tariffs, while others may offer a  far more competitive unit rate. You may also want to explore whether renewable gas and electricity offer the most cost-effective deal for your company. And don’t rule out customer service ratings – it’s always good to know you can trust your supplier if there’s an unexpected bump in the road.

What’s the difference between an SME and a micro-business?

The biggest difference between the two is size. Typically, a micro-business will employ less than 10 people, whereas an SME might have up to 500 people working for it. Many micro-businesses consist of freelancers and sole traders.

So, it’s understandable your energy needs will differ quite significantly depending on what type of business you’re running. The challenges you’ll face when running your business will likely be very different too.

That’s why Business Energy Comparison works with specialist suppliers who offer tailored tariffs that specifically meet the needs of smaller organisations – rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Save up to 45% today – compare energy prices for your small business.

Business Energy comparison

Has fear of the unknown put you off from switching electricity providers?

You could be missing out on some of the cheapest commercial electricity rates on the market. Worse still, your competitors could be benefiting from those cheaper tariffs.

Getting your free quote only takes a couple of minutes and is tailored to the needs of your business. Plus you could save up to 45% when you’ve found a deal you’re happy with, you simply leave the rest to the experts. They’ll ensure a seamless switch, with no disruption to your business’ electricity supply. It’d be 100% hassle-free – so you can focus on the day-to-day operations.

Start your journey towards saving. Compare business electricity prices today!

The best current SME gas and electricity tariffs for small businesses

Here’s just a selection of the latest pricing information from renowned UK suppliers based on an annual gas usage of 20,000 kWh:

Business Size

Electricity Price (per kWh)

Gas Price (per kWh)

Very Small
Very Large

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you switch to an SME energy tariff if you work from home?

Yes, you could, but there you’d need to be recognised as a ‘micro business consumer’

What does this mean? Basically, you need to use less than 100,000 kWh of electricity or 293,000 kWh of gas annually, have an annual turnover or cash balance sheet of no more than €2 million or employ less than 10 people.

You may be expected to provide evidence to back up your claim by your supplier.

What should I do if my business is struggling to pay its energy bills?

It’s always better to act early. If you have concerns, contact your supplier – do not leave it.

You may find your supplier offers you a payment plan to make your bills more manageable, more time to be able to pay off any arrears you’ve accrued, or they may even point you in the direction of business schemes and grants – designed to help organisations struggling with cashflow to pay their operational bills.

Do I pay VAT on energy bills for my small business?

Yes – VAT is always charged on your gas and electricity bills.

The amount you pay could differ depending on how much energy your business consumes. VAT is typically 20%. However, if your business uses less than 4,397 kWh of gas and 1,000 kWh of electricity per month, you may well be entitled to pay a discounted 5% rate.

If you run a charitable or non-profit organisation, you may also be able to take advantage of this discounted rate.

When can I switch small business energy suppliers?

There are two scenarios in which you can switch your SME energy supplier. The first is if you’re on a deemed or default contract – where you’re with a supplier you’ve not chosen because you’ve moved to new premises, or you’ve held off renewing your previous contract.

The second, and much more common one, is when you’re in the renewal window – i.e. you’re approaching the end of your current deal.

It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to compare small business energy prices before making your decision. We recommend starting your comparison process up to six months before the end of your current contract.

Remember, ‘cooling off periods’ are extremely rare in the commercial energy market, so it’s vital you weigh up your options and consider all factors before considering renewing or switching.

How to reduce your small business energy consumption?

There are three areas of focus you could potentially improve to reduce your
monthly energy bills.

  • Reduce the amount of time you have the air conditioning or heating switched on by using a programmable thermostat. This can lead to significant gas and electricity savings.
  • Turn off lights when they’re not in use and switch to more energy-efficient LED lights if possible.
  • Consider whether your building has effective insulation or not. For example, door and window draughts could result in generated heat going to waste – meaning you’re paying for heating you’re not benefiting from.

Why should I use a broker/consultancy for my small business energy?

There are many third-party intermediaries in the market at the moment, helping customers gain the most competitive energy contracts. But this means that it can be hard to navigate through all the broker or business energy consultants alternatives.

However, at Business Energy Comparison, we believe that our customers know best and their opinion of what we do is the most important. Trustpilot is an independent review platform where customers can share their experience and our current, incredible score of 4.6/5, puts us at the top percentile of satisfied customers within our market.

Check out our to see exactly what our customers have to say.

How much can I expect to pay for SME business energy?

As no two businesses are exactly the same, this can be difficult to define. For example, a salon’s energy consumption is likely to be very different from a small call centre’s energy usage.

There are several factors that will determine how much you could expect to pay. These include the size of your organisation, the amount of gas and electricity it consumes, where it’s located in the UK, its sector, and much more.

However, using the latest tariffs on the market from SME energy suppliers, we’ve created a handy table detailing some of the best business gas deals and electricity tariffs specially designed for small businesses to give you an idea of what you could expect to pay.

Business Energy Guides

Business Energy Comparison has helped many clients compare business energy prices and make significant savings on their utilities – from large firms  with multiple sites across the UK to local, independent organisations. Here’s just a selection of satisfied clients.