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Who Is My Water Supplier?

As a business owner, understanding your business water supplier is crucial for managing water and wastewater services as well as monthly water bills. In the UK, water supply is managed by various regional water companies. Ofwat – the UK’s water regulator – ensures the sector is regulated and has fair competitive pricing.

Business water suppliers are responsible for delivering water and wastewater services to roughly 1.5 million properties across England and Scotland. With more than 20 business water suppliers in the water market, there is enough competition to offer top-notch services at competitive rates.

The specific water supplier for your business will depend on the location of your business premises, as each region is served by different suppliers. A business water supplier will usually take water meter readings twice a year and bill you according to your total water consumption.

Top tip: To find your water supplier, check your most recent water bill, where the water company’s name will be present. Alternatively, you can contact your regional water department or visit their website.

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Business Water Bill

Water Suppliers In The UK

Here’s a list of 10 business water suppliers, having licenses in both England and Scotland:

  1. ADSM
  2. Wave
  3. Castle Water
  4. Clear Business
  5. Everflow
  6. Source4Business
  7. Business Stream
  8. Smarta
  9. Water Plus
  10. Water2Business

Side note: Ofwat provides a “safety net” feature. This means, if a commercial water supplier goes bust, Ofwat will switch business water suppliers on your behalf without any interruptions to your water supply.

How Do I Close My Water Account?

For businesses (SMEs or large businesses) moving to a new location, ending your water services contract is essential to prevent unnecessary water consumption and bill shock.

Luckily, closing your water account is a fairly straightforward procedure.

You will need to:

  • Check your current water contract – as there may be an exit fee/penalty to pay should you cancel your account before the agreed-upon termination date.
  • Give your current supplier notice (usually one month).
  • Provide your customer account number (usually a 10-digit number found on your most recent water bill).
  • Take final meter readings (on your last day in the current premise).
  • Settle any outstanding payments.

Helpful hint: Do keep track of all your communication methods when cancelling your water account. This will provide proof and peace of mind, should any issues arise after your relocation.

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Managing business utilities can be overwhelming but the process of setting up a water bill is quite simple.

When comparing business water suppliers – much like comparing business gas and electricity rates – research rates from various suppliers before you make the move. This will ensure you have the best deal available for your business needs.

Here’s a quick checklist on how to set up water bills:

  1. Research: Determine the new commercial water supplier for the area you are moving to.
  2. Compare water services: Before switching business water suppliers, it’s recommended to compare water and wastewater rates. This will ensure your business receives the best tariffs for its needs and requirements. Alternatively, you can seek professional help from utility brokers/consultants to help you better understand the business water market.
  3. Give notice: When switching water suppliers, you’ll need to give your current supplier a cancellation notice (usually one month in advance). This can be done verbally (over the telephone) or via email. Do keep track of all communication, ensuring there are no glitches further down the line.
  4. Meter readings: Take water readings on the last day in your current premises. Also, take meter readings when you have relocated and notify your new business water supplier. This ensures both providers have accurate readings for your water bill(s).
  5. Direct debit: Once you have chosen a new supplier, set up a direct debit with them. This ensures timely payments and prevention of any missed transactions.

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What Information Do I Need for My Water Bill?

You will need to provide your new business water supplier with some basic information, such as:

  • business name,
  • business address,
  • contact details,
  • the type of industry you operate in, and
  • banking details (should you opt for the direct debit option).

Is There Any Support For My Business Water Bills?

There are several schemes available to non-domestic customers that assist with water bills – especially during challenging times. These support schemes can vary depending on your region and/or business water supplier.

Here are a few plans that your business may be eligible for:

  • Water efficiency program: Some water suppliers offer water audits and advice on how to be more water efficient in your business operations. Helping business customers reduce their water consumption and identify areas to save money on their monthly bills.
  • Payment/debit plans: If your business is experiencing financial difficulties, your business water supplier should be able to provide you with a payment plan. These plans aim to spread water costs over an extended period of time.
  • Business water rates: Some water suppliers offer specific tariff structures tailored to non-domestic customers. Rates are based on the size of your business premises and average water consumption.
  • Social tariffs: This scheme reduces rates for domestic water services. You will need to check with your water supplier to see if you are eligible.

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Compare Business Water Suppliers With Business Energy Comparison

Managing your business operations, finances, and employees may seem like a daunting task and your water supplier shouldn’t add more stress to your to-do list! When choosing a water supplier for your business, it’s essential to compare tariffs and water services to find the best deal suited to your business needs – which can be time-consuming.

Business Energy Comparison provides a valuable service that helps you navigate the intricacies of UK business water suppliers. We easily assess various suppliers and their water rates on your behalf, finding the best possible deal on the water market.

Start your journey and compare business gas and electricity rates with Business Energy Comparison today. Use our price comparison tool and in less time than it takes to make a brew, we’ll compile your best prices from the UK’ s best suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do business water suppliers provide?

Business water services are crucial for any business (and household) and understanding the services your water supplier provides is just as important.

Most commercial water suppliers provide:

  • Business water supply
  • Water waste services
  • Sewerage services
  • Water treatment
  • Smart meter readings (for improved water billing)
  • Emergency water and sewerage services

How are business water rates calculated?

In short, water rates are charged according to your business water usage. The consumption is then multiplied by the unit price per kilolitre (usually in pence). Do note, the overall cost of your business water supply can be affected by whether or not you have a water meter installed; as water meters allow suppliers to accurately read your water usage.

In the case where you don’t have a water meter installed, your bill is calculated based on the rateable value of your business premise. This means you are charged an estimated value based on the size and type of the property (and not on the actual volume of water used).

Who regulates water and sewerage charges in the UK?

Ofwat regulates water and sewerage rates in the UK. They work similarly to Ofgem, which regulates business energy tariffs.